What Are Over The Counter Scabies Treatment?

Scabies is one of the most annoying skin conditions that cause extreme itching on your skin. But all thanks to some over the counter (OTC) drugs, you can easily treat scabies. In this article, we will discuss some of the OTC drugs that are safe for the scabies treatment without causing any side effects.


Although OTC drugs are available to treat scabies, it is recommended to consult your doctor before applying any of the medicament. This is because you need to know the root cause of the infection and also your physician will prescribe you a medicine that’s suitable for your skin type.

Time Taken By Scabies Treatment

Scabies medicament comes in different forms – creams, lotions or solutions to help you eradicate the itch mites from your body. Initially, some mild steroid lotions, calamine lotion or oral histamines may help you relieve the itching. But ultimately, you need to apply the medicine that’s meant for treating this condition for effective result.

#Creams and lotions

Generally, 5% permethrin is prescribed by doctors to treat scabies. It is the very first recommendation by most physicians around the globe due to its quick and faster results. But it contains harsh insecticides to kill scabies mites, hence can be harsh on your skin. In case, permethrin doesn’t work, Malathion lotion is prescribed to the patient.

Dr. Scabies Cream is another well-known medicament to treat scabies. The best thing about this medicine is that it is homeopathic and doesn’t have any side effect on one’s body. It consists of all natural ingredients extracted from plants to heal lesions and kill the mites. 

Some major ingredients of Dr. Scabies cream are Sulfur, vitamin E, sesame, chamomile, soybean, and palm.  

How to use?

Make sure your skin is clean before applying the cream. Apply it all over the body, leave it overnight and wash off the next morning.

# Soaps

You can use, Dr. Scabies Soap to wash off the cream that you applied at night. The soap is made out of sulfur, green tea and cucumber extracts, and cedar leaf oil. Hence, it’s effective in disinfecting and sanitizing your body. Moreover, all these ingredients are natural and won’t harm your skin.

How to use?

Use this soap for bathing until you get rid of scabies. In case of irritation, consult your physician.

When do you need OTC drugs?

You require OTC drugs to treat scabies when someone in your house is diagnosed with scabies, so it’s mandatory to treat everyone in the family. Even sexual partners of the affected person need to be treated with the same medicament.

Ways to apply OTC drugs for faster relief:

  • Your skin must be completely clean before application of any OTC cream or lotion. Never apply these creams after a hot water bath, as skin pore is wide open after that.
  • All body parts need to be covered with the OTC cream or lotion – as scabies mites may develop in any part of your body. So, you cannot afford to miss out any part. Ensure even fingers, skin folds, toes and under the nails, areas are covered with the cream properly.
  • The OTC drugs are not recommended for pregnant, breastfeeding women and infants without your doctor’s prescription.

During the treatment, you need a thorough follow-up after a week to see whether the treatment is working or not. In case, the treatment is not working, you will be prescribed some higher doses to get rid of scabies mites soon.

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