What are the symptoms of scabies?

What are the symptoms of scabies?

The skin infestation, scabies is said to cause by a tiny microscopic bug, known as the human itch mite. It usually occurs due to infestation of this mite which passes from human to human through direct skin contact. But often it is confused with several other skin problems due to its symptoms like itching and rashes. Hence, it is important to learn different signs of scabies in detail.

“My son, Albert, last week went for his training camp with his friends. After he returned from the came, around three to four days later, I observed few red rashes on his arms and neck. In night he had severe itching sensation, which started growing the second day. I just thought, it might be some sought of skin allergy as he has never been out for such a long period. Applying some ice and a general anti allergic cream I asked him to take rest at home. But, in evening the itching became worse and rashes were redder.

Now one thing was sure, that it wasn’t something simple. We rushed to our family doctor. He examined Albert and then told him to go for some ‘ink’ test. I was really horrified. After the reports, we came to know that he was infested by scabies mites. Well, the doctor said it was nothing to worry about and prescribed few medicines.

It took almost two weeks to recover completely, but yes, this time was a real terror for me. I couldn’t help Albert much because this could cause infestation to me too.”

Though, every itching sensation doesn’t mean that you have scabies, yet if it persists along with some other symptoms, there are high chances that you are infested by the mite, Sarcoptes scabiei. But, to ensure this you need to learn about various signs of symptoms of Scabies.

Scabies Signs and Symptoms:

As far as the symptoms are considered, most of them are due to the immune system’s response of the infested person, to the mites, or to their saliva, eggs or feces. This clearly means the severity of rashes, redness and itching is due to the body’s allergic-like reaction to the mites. Have a look at some of the symptoms you might observe when you have scabies:

  • Itching: Being termed together with this skin disorder, scabies mites are said to causes itching sensation. It might be the major symptom of scabies in a large number of cases, but the severity and occurrence duration differs. Do you known that even with only a few mites, you can itch all over, even in the areas where the mites might not be present. Generally, it tends to be in one place initially, and then spreads all over the body. Slowly, this itch gets worse and increases at night or/ and after a hot bath.


  • Burrows: If you observe some fine, dark, or silvery lines on your skin, then might be the mite tunnels. Generally, they are about 2-10 mm long and mostly occur in the places where loose skin is found, like the inner surface of the wrists, between the fingers, and the hands. However, they can occur on any part of the skin.


  • Rashes: Another common sign of scabies infection, the rash often appears after the diseased suffers from itching. In most of the cases, a lumpy, blotchy, red rash appears which tends to increase slowly. It occurs on the hidden places first such as parts of the tummy (abdomen), inside of the thighs, buttocks, armpits, etc. Also, the appearance of the rash is unusual in some cases, which might confuse you with some other skin conditions.


  • Scratching: The intense itching, especially in night is the major reason of scratching. And, yes it can cause minor skin damage. For example, in several cases it has been observed that the damaged/ scratched skin becomes infected by other germs, leading to secondary skin infections. Once the skin becomes infected with bacteria, the problems like skin redness, inflammation, etc. occur at greater rate.

Hence, if you observed any of them or combination of them, you need to visit your doctor today. And on confirmation must take a proper treatment!

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