What is scabies rash?

Dr. Scabies rashes and symptomsSmall red skin rashes are certainly the most observable symptoms of popular scabies infection. These skin rashes are caused by the bites of scabies mite.

Under normal conditions, micro-organisms that cause scabies infection can’t survive for more than 72 hours. But when these mites find their way to human skin, it’s a different story altogether!

They can survive for months, reproduce and move around from one body part to another.

If you assume that you can never have scabies, courtesy your superior hygiene, you would probably be accepting a myth as truth. Scabies can affect anyone at any age level and if not cured well in time, it can develop into a major skin infection.

Identifying & treating scabies in its earliest stages is possibly the best preventive measure you can take. Prominent red rashes on your skin can be the initial symptom for this contagious skin infection.

So, the next time you notice something similar, do not ignore it!           

Identifying a Scabies Rash – When does it Signal the Presence of Scabies Mite?

A scabies rash can easily be identified with its noticeable minute red bumps that can develop into blisters in some people. These rashes cluster in a specific body region and have tiny threadlike outcrop. This pattern is a result of the tiny little burrows or tunnels made by the scabies mite. These burrows or tunnels can range anywhere between 2 mm-15 mm and are home to the mites. Mites under your skin, does that scare you? It should.

The tunnel like rashes can easily be spotted with red, brown or grey lines in the affected area. During the initial stages of this skin infection, these burrows aren’t easily identified, but can get large and sore in no time if the treatment isn’t started.

Another notable symptom to spot scabies rashes is its itchy behavior. Bites by the obnoxious mites result in extreme itching and if scraped, the infected area can easily develop painful blisters. Itching in affected body portions can swell riotous during bedtimes or after hot bath.       

However, scabies rashes are apparent in specific body parts.

Identifying scabies rashes

Identifying scabies rashes in infants is easier than in case of adults.

The most common skin parts that show symptoms of scabies in kids is face, neck, head, feet and palms.

Be alarmed when a kid shows such signs. Any such rash should be investigated by a doctor as soon as possible.

Webs between the fingers are the most common skin portions where scabies rashes can be seen among adults. Check the folded skin areas, to be precise. Web like patterns can also be noticed on back of elbows, wrists, knees and waist.

Body parts with auxiliary folds show prominent results of scabies rashes. These portions include the region around nipples, back and sides. Besides this, rashes can even be spotted near the genital area, feet and buttocks.

What if it’s Scabies Rash?

Don’t take it casually. But don’t let yourself believe that the infection won’t go away. Just get yourself (and others in the family if they appear to be infected) with a natural product like Dr. Scabies. It won’t take more than few days before the infection is completely gone.

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