What is the most cost-effective way to treat scabies?

What is the most cost-effective way to treat scabies?

It is an unpleasant and discomforting experience. Causing relentless itching and several other problems, scabies tends to spread over your body with time. Moreover, it is highly contagious, which means the other person in your surrounding can also get infested. Thus, it is necessary to treat scabies infection. Let’s find out the most effective solution!

Generally, defined as an itchy skin condition and said to be caused by the tiny microscopic mite Sarcoptes scabei, it is a common disease all over the world. Scabies can affect anyone, regardless of their gender, color, caste or creed. Being a highly transmissible disease, it spreads quickly in crowded conditions. For example, in nursing homes, child-care centers, hospitals, market places, etc. where frequent skin-to-skin contact is common between people.

It might start with itching on few body parts, and then you might observe various signs like rashes, sores caused by scratching, blisters, etc. And as far as itching is concerned, it gets intense, especially at night time. If you are suspecting any of these, then you are infested by scabies mites. You can get it diagnosed by a dermatologist and start with the medication as soon as possible. Now the question arises, which treatment to go for or better ask,

Which is the most effective way to treat scabies

When it comes to remedial solutions for scabies, there are many options. In the last decade, creams, lotions, etc. consisting of several dangerous pesticides were ruling the market. These were effective in treating scabies at a faster rate. But, the consequences were not that good. Yes, the after affects of using these creams were really hazardous. Recently, it was found that lindane, a pesticide used in scabies treatments, causes cancer in humans. Another common ingredient permethrin, is also not safe option.  Hence, going with such solutions is not advisable. 

Can scabies be treated naturally? 

Looking after the negative consequences of such treatment, natural solutions were the only way out. These were effective and safe too. Here is a glimpse at some of them: 

  • Tea Tree Oil: The strong antiviral properties of this oil made it first choice for safe and valuable treatment of scabies.  The highly acidic nature is sufficient to completely destroy the mites. Applying tea tree oil, diluted with olive oil reduces itching, rashes and all other symptoms. Also, it kills the mites on th body surface completely.


  • Aloe Vera: Being a highly popular remedy for different type of skin ailments, it is ideal for scabies cure. Especially, when you are suffering from intense itching, applying the cool Aloe Vera gel proves to be a perfect solution. Having anti bacterial properties, Aloe Vera is known for its healing and cell regenerating abilities. Thus, freshly extracted gel from fresh Aloe Vera leaves will relief from itching and kill the mites.  


  • Garlic: This antibacterial agent forms a strong medicine for scabies. Not only it kills the mites completely, but also prevents further infections. Fresh paste of garlic can be made easily at home. Just applying it to the affected areas at night and allowing it to be there on your skin for few hours, will do the needful.  


  • Lavender Oil: Another strong remedy to repel the scabies mites off your skin. It can be used as a home remedy for killing the scabies from roots. In addition to this, it also revives your skin. You can use it directly or dilute it with few drops of olive oil.  

While these solutions are safe and cause no harmful side-effects, yet they take some time to showcase the results.  Hence, if you are looking for a natural solution that heals at a faster rate and is safer, you can count on homeopathic treatment like Dr. Scabies. 

It is the natural, most recommended FDA-registered and homeopathic medicine with safest concentration of sulfur. You can get it in various forms like cream, liquid soap and liquid concentrate.  Produced under the GMP-compliant facility it ensures 100% treatment of infestation!


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