What To Do If Itching Persist After Using Permethrin For Scabies Treatment?

What To Do If Itching Persist After Using Permethrin For Scabies Treatment?

Scabies is a highly contagious disease. Regardless of cast, creed and color, anyone can get infested by this skin disorder. Well, you might be using a permethrin based solution for this. But, if you are not getting rid of the problem or if the itching sensation seems to continue, you need think for another solution. Find out what all you can do.

When it comes to skin diseases, most people fear of those which are highly contagious. And definitely scabies if one of them!

Yes, that itchy skin disease, which is said to be caused by infestation due to the itch mite Sarcoptes scabiei is a common skin disorder. The mites blamed for this are small eight-legged parasite and just 1/3 millimeter long burrow into your skin and produce intense itching. This sensation tends to be worse at the night time. Scabies mites are hardly visible to the naked eye; however they can be seen with a magnifying glass or microscope. As far as the infestation is considered, it can be due to direct contact and indirect contact.

When a healthy human comes into direct contact with the scabies infected person, for example shaking hands, sleeping close to the diseased or any other way, the mites transfer to the healthy body and make burrows beneath their skin. These mites depend on their host for their feed. But, they can still survive off their host for 4 to 7 days. Secondly, the mites are unable to fly or jump, but yes they can exist on the other items being used by the diseased. This means, the towel, clothing, furniture, etc. used by the infested person. Hence, if a healthy person comes in contact such items, there are higher chances of getting infested.

How To Treat Scabies?

When it comes to treating scabies, a number of products are available to kill the scabies mites. Here you need to remember, that it is important to carefully follow the instructions provided by the doctor and pharmacist. Sometimes, they are called scabicides, as they kill scabies mites and their eggs. A number of scabicide creams and lotions consist of premethrin. But, no more it is a sure shot method to fight Scabies. A number of people have reported re-infestation after the completion of treatment session and in some cases, it has caused severe problems.

If the recent reports are to be believed, permethrin is said to cause cancer. Hence, now if your old cream contains permethrin, you need to switch to another option.

How To Treat Scabies ‘Safely’?

If it is about safe scabies treatment, you need a solution which heals you skin without causing any side effects. Although, there are a number of natural methods available, yet they might take more time to cure. Hence, you can count on a solution like Dr. Scabies. It is naturally safe and works on scabies from the first day of application.

Why Dr. Scabies instead of permethrin?

Permethrin has been used for years regardless of the fact that it produces several side effects. But now you don’t need to count on it. You have a better solution. Check how:

  • Dr. Scabies is recommended by a large number of medical practitioners around the globe. On the other hand, permethrin is considered unsafe by doctors too.


  • While permethrin is pesticides, which kills insects or better say, scabies mites, but it is not safe for human skin. On the contrary, Dr. Scabies is an all natural formulation with no chemicals in it. It is a safe product for scabies treatment.


  • Being completely a natural cream, it has no known side effects on your skin like Permethrin cream. As far as permethrin is considered, it can lead to side effects like greater itching sensations, redness, swelling etc.

Hence, it is highly recommended to use Dr. Scabies, which is an FDA registered product with natural herbal extracts. Go natural, go safe!

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