Why Does Scabies Itch So Badly?

Scabies is caused by mites that dig burrows under the skin of the host and keep burrowing in order to lay eggs. The female mite keeps burrowing inside the skin and the irritation of the skin due to the feces and the eggs causes an itch.  It is more common in the night when the body is warm and fuzzy.

Let’s read on a little more about theses mites that pack a terrible punch of itching –

1. The Scabies Mites

Scabies mites are exerts at tunneling under the skin of the host in order to harbor their eggs. The mite is not visible to the naked eye, but the tunneling causes a red pimple like rash to appear, which looks like lines on the surface of the skin.

2. The Tunneling and Burrowing

The female mite only infects the top most layer of the skin. She keeps eating the epidermal layer and makes a burrow to lay the eggs in the process. Once the burrow is made, laying of eggs is almost instantaneous. Laying can happen up to twice a day, for almost two months, if not eradicated. 

3. The Terrible Itch

The eggs hatch in a few days and the baby mites attach themselves to the hair follicles for food. The eggs, the feces and the burrowing cause the skin to get irritated and in turn cause an intense itching to the host. In a matter of few hours the mites will look for a mate and the female will initiate the whole cycle again.

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