Why You Still Feel “Scabies like Symptoms” Even after Treatment?

Scabies is a skin condition marked with bumps and blisters over your skin with an intense itching. Luckily, scabies in not life threatening and is easily cured either at home if not severe. Generally, the signs of scabies are gone within 3-4 weeks after treatment. However, in most cases, signs like itching and rashes persist even after treatment, making a patient doubtful about the treatment, especially, if he/she gets scabies for a first time. Therefore, they make visit to doctor frequently while using toxic drugs excessively out of their frustration. This is nothing but the waste of money and getting stress with being unable to find a treatment. In nutshell, they don’t know if their scabies is treated.

Scabies Symptoms after Treatment

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To minimize this stress and expenditure, it is useful to know how to treat your scabies as well as what happens after the treatment.

So, let’s start with the standard treatment for the scabies first:

How Scabies is Treated?

The mild symptoms of scabies can be treated at home with OTC creams. However, scabies is identical to most of other skin conditions like yeast infection or psoriasis. Therefore, if the scabies is not treatable at home, you must see your physician immediately. He can tell you if you have scabies by observing your skin condition, otherwise, he can order for the biopsy test to rule out the other possibilities.

For a scabies treatment, he will prescribe you the following medications including topical ointment and oral medicines.

  • Permethrin Cream:

 It is common medication for scabies which is intended to kill the mites and their eggs.

  • Lindane Lotion:

It is prescribed to those for whom other scabies treatments are failed.

  • Crotamiton (Eurax):

Besides killing mites, it provides relief in itching.

  • Ivermectin (Stromectol):

Ivermectin is generally given to the patient having crusted and classical scabies. It is the backup medicine for those on whom lotions and ointments are failed.

What Happens After Undergoing the Scabies Treatment?

Remember, you can’t get overnight results from the scabies treatment. It takes as long as 1 month to heal all the symptoms. You can’t have immediate relief after the first Permethrin application as it takes 2-3 days for the lotion to kill the mites. And even after that, the leftover in the form of eggs and feces may cause irritation until they are completely expelled from the body. This is why a patient can continue to experience scabies like signs long after the mites have been successfully removed. Your scabies treatment is working even if you feel irritation or itching with the continuous application of medication.

But you should not worry over that as it is the part of the treatment. After some time, you will get rid of the post scabies problems.

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The active ingredients of Dr. Scabies Treatment formulas are officially monographed in the "Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of The United States."