Your Perfect Guide to Treat Scabies

As far as you search for people affected by scabies, you will find it is hard to get rid of the problem completely. Hence, if you are dealing with this itchy skin disorder and are confused with the treatment, here is a simple guide explaining the same. Read on.

Scabies Treatment

Scabies has affected more than 300 million people all across the world. Yes, if you are among them, you don’t need to worry much. If treated properly, you can get rid of this highly contagious skin problem. Don’t know what to do? Explore here some easy solutions to treat scabies;

Step #1: Search and invest in some topical solution

Now the availability of a solution can vary from region to region. Several people will recommend you going for ivermectin. Ingested smoothly this solution spreads to the skin and is then consumed by the mites, which leads to their devastation. It is efficient in killing the mites in their burrows. As it has a very low level of human toxicity, it is a preferred choice.  You can buy ivermectin online or in the store.

Here it is worth noticing that while you are using essentially ivermectin based medication, the specific products are also sold as a treatment for animals. You need to be careful while purchasing products over the counter.

Then another solution comes in- Permethrin. It is highly recommend in addition to oral Ivermectin. But even it is not completely safe. Its usage is stated to cause cancer in some cases.

You can go for Dr. Scabies, one of the most recommended and natural homeopathic solution. Being a herbal remedy, it is 100% safe and efficient. Easily accessible and available over-the-counter, it helps getting rid of scabies mite infestations at home and in public institutions. 

Step #2: Make your environment scabies-free

While the above stated solutions will kill off all of the live scabies and eggs on your body, what about the scabies living off of your body? Yes, these mites can survive for around 7 days and infest you/ someone else later. Hence, it becomes important to clean the places you visit frequently like your house, office and car.

Step #3) Keep your extended environment away from Scabies

Will you believe that even after you’ve killed off all of the mites in your skin, they can exist in little things around you? This covers your attires, bed-sheets, pillow covers, shoes, towels, toilet seats, furniture, and so on. You need to treat each and everything for scabies and their eggs.

In addition, you need to protect your friends and family form this contagious skin disease. When you come in close contact with them or share a car/room with them, they too get prone to this itchy skin disorder.  So be a responsible person/friend and ensure to get your friends treated if they had been in your physical contact recently.

So with these three tips you will be able to resolve any kind of scabies infestation. All the best!

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