Your Personal Guide to Control Rosacea Naturally!

In case, you are suffering from those embarrassing red flushes of the face, then there are higher chances that you probably have Rosacea. It is highly discomforting and can totally hit your self-confidence. It will not be an easy task to go for every day chores of life knowing that you are suffering from rosacea. Learn how you can get rid of it.

Your Personal Guide to Control Rosacea Naturally!

Is it possible to have a disease, that too without knowing it? If you think it is lame question, then you need to know that according to the National Rosacea Society, around 14 million Americans are unaware of the fact that they have rosacea. Appears to be shocking, isn’t it? Definitely, it is, but yes it is true.

Being a chronic skin disease, it is often related to acne. Moreover, the symptoms of this disease often confuse it with other skin problems like sunburn, frostbite, windburn, chapped skin, and many others. While the definite cause of rosacea is unknown, still is believed that there are natural alternatives which are highly helpful in curing it. This potentially life-disrupting disorder needs right natural treatments, which can act on rosacea from the inside and outside, both.

Search for gentle cleanser: You need to use a liquid facial cleanser daily. Though you might be using it already, now you need to make sure that it contains sodium lauryl sulfate or disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate. These ingredients help clean your skin gently, that too without any stimulation.

Soothing chamomile: For the rosacea-prone skin, it is advisable to go for cleansers, soaps, and moisturizers containing chamomile. It is basically a herb related to the ragweed family and is known to soothe rosacea.

Reduce the usage of wrinkle creams: Certainly, you don’t want those wrinkles to spoil your overall appearance. But when you are suspected on rosacea, using anti-aging cream can be bit dangerous. Actually, these contain alpha hydroxy acids, which can increase the risk of the disorder. So, make sure the percentage of acid under 2.5% in the product you apply.

Moisturize with cucumber: You want to soothe your skin and nothing can be best than a cucumber moisturizer. Thus, after every clean up, moisturize your skin with a moisturizer that contain cucumber extracts. And make sure you avoid those chemical based cosmetics, which will irritate rosacea-prone skin greatly. Look for those labeled “for sensitive skin”; these are less harmful for your skin.

Stay sun protected: Sun can prove to be harmful for the rosacea prone skin. Hence, staying out in the sun for long period is strictly prohibited. Stay in the shade and even if you are exposed to indirect sunlight, make sure you use a sunscreen. Say no to those chemical filled sunscreens, and opt for a sunscreen having titanium dioxide as its major ingredient.

Avoid alcohol: Alcohol will not cause any good health benefits. However, if you are still in love with those alcohol delights, then make sure you stop it right now. Alcohol causes blood vessels in the skin to dilate, which increase rosacea, making it more noticeable.

While the topical treatments available in the market will treat the problem from the outside, relieving the symptoms and providing temporary relief, these treatments work from the inside. These will help detoxify and rebuild the body. So, if you wish to prevent the problem from coming back, make sure you follow the afore-stated tips!

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