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Molluscum contagiosum is an infectious disease and its symptoms are lesion and bumps. You can treat its symptoms at home with these effective natural remedies. Molluscum contagiosum is the contagious skin condition caused by Molluscum contagiosum virus. In this skin conditions, the skin is marked with the symptoms like raised lesions, bumps and rashes... Read more

Post date: Fri, 07/15/2016 - 17:35
Eczema can affect virtually anybody. But are all forms of this skin condition same? Yes, there exist different types of eczema. Hence, if you wish to take proper skin care, it is a must to learn about them at early stage. If it is about defining, eczema is a medical term used to define a skin condition. Basically, it is a type of dermatitis or better say,... Read more

Post date: Fri, 07/15/2016 - 17:34
Often described as a flat patch of skin, actinic keratosis appears to be red and scaly. These are said to occur due to damage from the sun and are considered as a precancerous growth on the skin. In the article you will get the details about this wired skin condition. Read on. Actinic keratosis, some people know them as sun spots, are the crusty and scaly... Read more

Post date: Fri, 07/15/2016 - 17:34
Anybody looking to discover what are the reasons for skin tags will discover a great deal of likely explanations, not a solitary unmistakable cause. Basically, skin cells duplicate to shape these developments, which are additionally called considerate (not harmful) tumors. The following inquiry is obviously what causes this augmentation of cells. This my... Read more

Post date: Thu, 07/14/2016 - 15:11
The term 'arthritis' depicts an extensive variety of diseases that affects the joints. Osteoarthritis, additionally referred to as degenerative arthritis, is by a wide margin the most well-known form. Inflammatory arthritis is a general term for a wide range of ligament illnesses in which the particular joints are aroused. Normally, all types of arthritis,... Read more

Post date: Thu, 07/14/2016 - 15:10
You can try these home remedies to sooth your measles signs and symptoms. Measles is an infectious disease, which is caused by paramyxo, a virus. This skin condition commonly occurs in children though can develop in adults. Vaccination is the common treatment of measles to develop immunity to this disease for life in a patient. The signs of this disease... Read more

Post date: Thu, 07/14/2016 - 15:10
Suffering from sore throats? Here are some best home remedies to deal with that. Sore throats are common health problem experienced by most of the people. It comes with the painful symptoms like scratchy sensation in throat, pain in swallowing and talking, swollen or red tonsils and hoarse voice. If you’ve been suffering from sore throats frequently, you... Read more

Post date: Thu, 07/14/2016 - 15:09
Ringworm is a painful skin condition caused by fungal infection with the symptoms like red and blisters like patches. To treat them at home, you need these effective home remedies. Ringworm is an infectious skin condition caused by fungi and is marked by circular red pimple like patches with intense itching. It occurs on the feet, hand, scalp, feet, nail,... Read more

Post date: Thu, 07/14/2016 - 15:06
Warts- yes, those unsightly and highly embarrassing signs which no one wants to face ever. In case, you or someone close to you has experienced having a wart, might be aware of the fact that how terrible these are. Here you will find about the different types of warts. Basically, these are defined as small skin tumours which can arise unexpectedly and at... Read more

Post date: Thu, 07/14/2016 - 15:05
Summary: Living in a polluted society, makes you greatly exposed to toxins. And it is getting inevitable to avoid it. Everything including your food, which contains those toxic chemicals, and even the air you breathe, which carries toxic fumes, adds to the toxin amount. Hence, detoxifying is something you cannot miss out. Find out how to detox your body.... Read more

Post date: Thu, 07/14/2016 - 15:05
Being a common skin disease among the small children, impetigo is said to be caused is two pathogen bacteria. It is also known as schools sores, for a reason that it is predominant among children ages 2 to 7 years old. But that doesn’t mean it cannot be acquired by adults. People living in places with unhealthy and poor living conditions can be affected by... Read more

Post date: Thu, 07/14/2016 - 14:59
Summary: In mild cases of folliculitis, you can trust over home remedies. Here are effective natural remedies to treat folliculitis at home. Your body is marked with folliculitis when the follicle get damaged or infected by the bacteria. The common symptoms of folliculitis are redness, pimples with hair in center, rashes and blisters which occur with... Read more

Post date: Sat, 07/09/2016 - 08:15
Cardiovascular diseases are a cluster of disorders related to the heart and the vascular system. In spite of the fact that some cardiovascular ailments like innate coronary illness, cardiomyopathy, heart valve diseases, rheumatic sickness, and so forth., are not brought on because of eating routine and way of life. Coagulating and narrowing of the arteries... Read more

Post date: Sat, 07/09/2016 - 06:37
Despite the ongoing efforts of medical scientists to reveal the factors that are responsible for causing multiple sclerosis, the exact reasons why the disorder occurs in otherwise healthy persons remain unknown. Although multiple factors are suspected to trigger the occurrence of multiple sclerosis (viral or bacterial infections) or to assists its... Read more

Post date: Sat, 07/09/2016 - 06:37
Not all rashes are infectious. For example, skin inflammation, food allergies, medicine dermatitis and bug bites are normally not went on to someone else. In any case, there are sure rashes that can be spread, including scabies parasites rashes, contagious rashes, fever rankles and chicken pox. Furthermore, certain rashes can be spread to another piece of... Read more

Post date: Fri, 07/08/2016 - 11:45


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The active ingredients of Dr. Scabies Treatment formulas are officially monographed in the "Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of The United States."