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Scabies is a skin condition that is caused by tiny mites known as Sarcoptes scabies. The mites burrow into person’s skin and cause relentless itching, discomfort and red rashes on the skin. Scabies is highly contagious and won’t go away without treatment. Female scabies mite hideaways under the skin and lays eggs. These eggs hatch in few days and begin the... Read more

Post date: Sun, 12/24/2017 - 00:00
Scabies is a skin condition caused by a Sarcoptesscabiei mite. It is a parasite that infest and attackshuman skin, and causes the skin disease. Symptoms of scabies include pimple like red rashes and itching. The itching in the case of scabies mostly occurs during night. It is a contagious diseases and anyone can get it, it spreads by direct skin-to-skin... Read more

Post date: Sat, 12/23/2017 - 00:00
Scarlet fever is also known as Scarlatina. It is common in the children ages 2 to 10 years. Scarlet fever is a high spreadable disease that is detected by its reddened skin sore, throat and fever. The streptococcus bacteria make toxin that cause red bumpy skin. These red rashes spread all over the body and that’s how the fever get its name. It looks like a... Read more

Post date: Fri, 12/22/2017 - 00:00
Pruritus or itch is annoying skin condition causing sensations that make you want to scratch the affected area. The most common reason for itching is due to dry skin in aged people, as their skin tends to get dehydrates with age. Normal itching can be cured by applying moisturizer or any anti-itch product or taking a cold shower. But if itching continues,... Read more

Post date: Thu, 12/21/2017 - 00:00
A little redness on cheeks is healthy and gives you an attractive look. But redness caused by lupus rash on your face may leave you embarrassed or frustrated. It may also lead to other skin problems like red spots, scaly skin, sensitivity to the sun with flakes or rashes on the body, including face, neck, and arms. Image Credits: Pinterest.com A good self-... Read more

Post date: Wed, 12/20/2017 - 00:00
Psoriasis is a non-contagious but chronic, autoimmune skin disease that begins with mild outbreaks. It may result in severe life-threatening conditions, if not controlled in time. If at first you do not take the skin outbreaks seriously, with time, it will get worse. Image Credits: Pinterest.com It can occur in people of all ages between 16 to 22-year-olds... Read more

Post date: Tue, 12/19/2017 - 00:00
A maculopapular rash occurs in form of a lesion, which appears like flat or raised skin that usually becomes red in color. The name of this rash has been combined with two words “macule” meaning flat, discolored skin lesions, and “papule” meaning small, raised bump. Macules measure more than a centimeter and appear in form of patches on the skin. On the... Read more

Post date: Mon, 12/18/2017 - 00:00
We all know about bed bugs that are known to be irritating pests that bite you while you’re sleeping. You may have even heard many things about these bugs and ways to prevent them. But do you know that most of these are just misconceptions? Image Credits: Pinterest.com Following are 10 myths about bed bugs that you must know to prevent them from entering... Read more

Post date: Sun, 12/17/2017 - 00:00
Itchy skin rashes are irritating and provoke an urge to scratch. It can occur without any skin lesions like rashes, redness, blisters or bumps. This symptom can be localized or generalized, depending on the underlying cause of itching. Generalized itching occurs all over the body and is more difficult to treat than localized itching. Image Credits:... Read more

Post date: Sat, 12/16/2017 - 00:00
Are you noticing red spots or bumps on your skin? While some are common red spots caused by acne or bug bites, some may be the signs of a serious underlying disease. Before arriving to a conclusion, you need to know the exact cause of the skin spots. Image Credits: Pinterest.com Here are some common causes of red spots or itchy bumps on your skin: Acne:... Read more

Post date: Fri, 12/15/2017 - 00:00
We all are well aware how contagious scabies is and how it’s caused by tiny parasitic mites that live and thrive underneath the skin. But what some of us may not know is that it can get worse in people with weaker immune system. The worst scabies condition is termed as Norwegian scabies and it’s the scariest skin conditions that you need to quickly get rid... Read more

Post date: Thu, 12/14/2017 - 00:00
Caused by a small itch mite Sarcoptes scabiei var. Hominis, Scabies is a highly contagious skin condition that can affect people of all ages, ethnicities, both sexes, and socioeconomic levels. It is not caused due to lack of personal hygiene but spreads from the infected person to a non-infested individual by direct, prolonged skin-to-skin contact. The... Read more

Post date: Wed, 12/13/2017 - 00:00
Hypersensitivity or sensitivity of skin to touch is a very discomforting skin condition. In medical terms, it is called allodynia. In this condition, a person’s skin becomes hypersensitive even to certain non-painful stimuli like draught of air. Image Credits: Pinterest.com The skin becomes very sensitive to touch, pressure, cold or hot, or mild scratching... Read more

Post date: Tue, 12/12/2017 - 00:00
Many people who are undergoing scabies treatment feel that the scabies treatment is not working for them. This leaves then anxious and they start making constant trips to the doctor. But unnecessary additional treatments may cause a potential toxic reaction. It also adds to extra bill and stress related to finding the best cure. Image Credits: Pinterest.... Read more

Post date: Mon, 12/11/2017 - 00:00
Hives or urticaria is a skin condition with a sudden outbreak of swollen, pale-red bumps on the skin. It is caused by an allergic reaction to any substance that you may have encountered or swallowed. Due to the allergic reaction, your body triggers histamine that further results in itching, swelling, and redness of the skin.  Image Credits: Pinterest.com... Read more

Post date: Sun, 12/10/2017 - 00:00


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The active ingredients of Dr. Scabies Treatment formulas are officially monographed in the "Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of The United States."