Can Bedbugs Cause Scabies?

Can Bedbugs Cause Scabies?

No, bedbugs do not cause scabies. Both of these are completely different infestations. Let’s learn more.

Before delving into the differences, check the main points of matches between the bedbug bites and scabies

  • Both of them can cause itchy rashes on our skin
  • The itchiness is usually worse at nighttime.
  • In both the cases, if you are in doubt of getting any of them, immediate diagnosis and professional treatment accordingly is important.

Now, here are the points of differences between scabies and bedbug bites:  



Appearance - Bedbug bites are usually raised, flat red bumps that appear three in a row. Whereas Scabies burrows look like grayish-white raised lines. Over time, they gradually turn into red, sore bumps and can irritate. During the inception period of a scabies infestation, they may look alike the bedbug bites.

Consequences in the absence of treatment – Without treating scabies, yellow crusting and skin scratches will grow on taking large patches of your body with the proliferation in the infestation under the skin. Female scabies mites lay about two-three eggs every day under your skin. These eggs hatch, develop into mites being inside our body and then repeats the same life cycle. Whereas without bedbug conduct, new bites continue to appear as the infestation grows in your home. These can lay about two to five eggs daily.

BED BUG Life Cycle

Nature – Bedbugs attack the skin, which meets the sheet or mattress during sleep. Bites typically prevail around the shoulders, arms, legs, back and face. In case of scabies, the mites usually dig into the warm, moist skin folds. Scabies mites usually burrow and reside between the fingers, toes, armpits, around the waist and other sensitive areas.

Early consequences – During the first 2-6 weeks of early exposure, scabies fatalities develop a rash and itching. For those who are re-infested by scabies, it only takes between one and four days. In case of bedbug, bites can appear in a day or two. However, might also take a few weeks to surface.

General Symptoms - Scabies produce a more intense itching, especially at night that sometimes leads to open sores and infections. This can be the same in case of bedbug bites also, which is the prime reason for confusion between the both.

bedbug bite general symptoms

Treatment – Both of these skin ailments differ in the way they are treated. Most medical professionals prescribe topical creams for scabies rashes like Permithrin, Dr. Scabies, etc. It is impossible to get rid of scabies mites without these topical creams. Also, Scabies is highly contagious which requires you to take lot of precautions to avoid transferring the infestation on to other people.

In the case of bed bugs, killing the bugs is what generally required. Dealing with the infested furniture and linens are included among the most effective solutions for dealing with bed bugs. Usually spraying insecticides are not recommended due to the harmful chemicals they contain. Also, Bed bugs have a low tolerance for heat. As such, many experts recommend washing linens at an especially high temperature.

How to determine if you have Scabies or Bed Bugs?

  • Scabies live inside skin, whereas bedbugs live inside furniture.
  • Scabies mites are microscopic; they cannot be visible through naked eyes. While bed bugs reside collectively in host areas and bite inhabitants.
  • Bed bugs bite their victims in clusters of three. Generally, doctors diagnose their patients with this activity of bugs.
  • Scabies prefer to burrow in moist folds of skin like the armpits, inner linings between the fingers, genitals, and backs of knees for quick detection. While bedbug bite the skin areas close to the mattresses like shoulders, neck, hands, etc., 
  • Bedbugs are nocturnal – most active at night. This means that on turning on a light in the middle of the night will make these critters run quickly and hide. As such, MAKE SURE to call a bed bug exterminator immediately.

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The active ingredients of Dr. Scabies Treatment formulas are officially monographed in the "Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of The United States."