Have a look at scabies immunity to permethrin cream!

Scabies is a highly contagious skin infection caused by the mite sarcoptes scabies. These mites burrow into the skin and cause itching and discomfort. Scabies spreads quickly through close physical contact in a family school and nursing home. The most common symptom of scabies is intense itching in the area where the mite burrows.

Have a look at scabies immunity to permethrin cream!Permethrin cream is one of the best medications to use to treat scabies in adults and children above the age of 2 months.

Permethrin comes as a cream or lotion to apply on the skin and comprises to insecticide. It kills the insects and mites in the human body. Generally, two application of the treatment with permethrin are required with a week. The entire body from head to theunderside of the foot should be treated both the times. If the mites are seen two weeks from the treatment permethrin, than another round of treatment is required.

How to use the cream

Permethrin contains insecticides; therefore it is important that the cream or lotion should be used only on the skin and scalp. Avoid the cream contact with eyes, ears, nose, eyebrows eyelashes, mouth or vagina.

Permethrin immunity to scabies

Permethrin is a neurotoxin that paralyses the mites and by its repeated uses eventually kills the scabies mites, by breaking their cycle. But it is now being seen that the mite has developed a resistance to the drug, due to their prolonged exposure to it. All microorganism do it, that why doctors always recommended avoiding using antibiotics, as often as you can.

There is also another physiological fact that supports its ineffectiveness theory, in this theory lots of patients reported that the drug was able to give results on the first occasion only. So if you getting infected for the second time, it now gives the desired result. There are no valid theories to prove if scabies has become immune to the permethrin, however, there are few reason one can believe so:

  • The cream basicallyworks by paralyzing the scabbier mite and then its repeated use helps in killing those mites.  Like other microorganism develop the resistance against any drug, it seems that scabies mites have also developed the resistance against permethrin. Due to its prolonged exposure to the drug.
  • Permethrin users have reported that the mite only paralyzed until the cream is on the skin but as soon as the cream is washed away, the scabies itching return.
  • It is also believed theta this mite deep digger and permethrin cream doesn’t get them very easily and they don’t get intoxicated with it easily. The female mites keep laying under the skin. They hatch and keep spreading scabies. Permethrin is good for scabies but is not a 100 percent cure.


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The active ingredients of Dr. Scabies Treatment formulas are officially monographed in the "Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of The United States."