How to Know my Baby Have Scabies? How to Treat Baby's Scabies Naturally

How to Know my Baby Have Scabies? How to Treat Baby's Scabies Naturally

Scabies is a skin problem that is caused by tiny parasites that burrow under the skin. Scabies can infect anyone, and it spreads through contact and by common use of things. Like adults, babies can be susceptible to scabies (with mites from poop or saliva staying behind), and if babies develop red, bumpy rashes, as parents, you must seek medical assistance. Though scabies will not really harm your baby, but it can leave her itchy and irritated.

As informed, scabies is highly contagious. In addition to mites staying on the body from poop or saliva, babies can pick up scabies through skin contact with someone affected with scabies.

How do you know your baby has scabies?

Rashes and intense itching are the first real symptoms of scabies. If your baby is developing rashes and she has been scratching endlessly, you can suspect scabies and seek medical attention at the earliest.

You can identify rashes as scabies if the scattered red, bumpy dots are seen between the fingers, around the wrist, in the armpits, around the belly or the genitals. Scabies primarily shows up in these areas, but it is not limited to these alone. The baby can have rashes that show up on outside of the elbow, on the scalp, knees, face and the palms of the hand.

To identify scabies in your baby, watch her carefully after warm bath. The baby can have intense itching after a warm bath or while sleeping at night. Also if it’s the first time your baby is acquiring scabies, it can take a week or two before the parasites attack the body and the rashes develop and begin to itch. It is therefore important to constantly keep a check on the developments in the baby’s body so symptoms of any diseases included scabies can be identified before they become uncontrollable.

How to treat baby’s scabies?

Seeking doctor’s assistance is the first and most vital step in treating baby’s scabies. Generally, the doctor will prescribe a cream. Apply the cream evenly throughout the body (neck down). Apply it even in areas that don’t really see infected with rashes. Allow the cream to remain on the skin for eight to twelve hours before washing it off. Applying cream between toes, fingers, under nails, armpits and around the belly and genitals is very important.

Parents must put the cream at bedtime. This will allow the cream to remain on the body for the longest possible. It’s advisable to apply cream at bedtime and then wash it first thing in the morning.

The cream is not an instant formula. It will take some time before the irritating itch and rashes can be treated. Your baby can feel the itching for a couple of weeks after medication starts. It is advisable to use calamine lotion on the baby’s skin to sooth itching, if necessary.

Protect your baby from scabies

  • Do not allow a scabies infected person to come in contact with your baby
  • If someone in the house is infected, ensure their clothing, linen, towel or other things do not come in contact with that of the baby
  • If someone is infected in the house, everyone (including the caretakers) should be treated for scabies symptoms
  • Clean the house thoroughly and wash the baby’s clothing separately

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The active ingredients of Dr. Scabies Treatment formulas are officially monographed in the "Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of The United States."