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Dr. Scabies Whole Family Package

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Product Description

Dr. Scabies Popular Small Family Package

  • 4 x 2oz jar Homeopathic Scabies Cream
  • 3 x 15ml Homeopathic Scabies Solution
  • 3 x 4oz Homeopathic Scabies Liquid Soap

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Product Reviews

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  1. YES! It WORKED on Me

    Posted by Peter Burton   Verified Purchase

    I have been using this for a 2 weeks now, the rash is almost completely gone. They said normally treatment should only last for 2 weeks but I had severe case of scabies. It almost covered my entire body, severe scabbing and skin infection and all that. I truly regret scratching it, it spread a lot faster and looked worse than ever. My friend recommended these products to me so I purchased right away and received it after 2 days. I admit it was pretty quick. After several session of treatment, the feel of my skin was great, very conditioned, I tried almost everything, even Dr.
    recommended,I have had some sort of rash on and
    around my pinky finger for almost a year, my Dr.
    could not identify it, cortisone did not work,
    anti bacterial did not work, anti fungal did not
    work, I got the permethrin a few months ago, and
    it helped but I continued to have the breakouts
    but nothing worked but this, in combination with
    the soap. I will be a faithful user from now on. I still continue using the liquid soap and bath solution as repellent against all many kinds of insects. I highly recommend if you have a skin rash that you just don't know for sure what it is, I suspect mine was scabies. This stuff works.

  2. Grateful Scabies Patient

    Posted by Kaitlin   Verified Purchase

    This treatment kit is the best for the whole family!!! I purchased 2 kits because of scabies. We've been suffering for months and months and
    never going away. We were wrong in managing our
    condition and environment and many ways. The
    treatment specialists from this site helped us
    to have better insights about scabies and how to manage it properly. There were 6 people in our household affected by this nasty disease. All of us underwent treatment together. We progressed really quick following the instructions on how to use the kit properly. I showered using the liquid soap, soaked my entire body in lukewarm water and let it sit for 30 mins. I used the cream for the most itchy areas. I'd recommend this to anyone with any of the above issues. Also it smells good and my skin is soft.

  3. My cousin said it was scabies

    Posted by Jackie H.   Verified Purchase

    I had a rash come up on my body and I never have figured out what it was. I was too scared to ask a doctor but it definitely looked gross and itching like hell! My cousin said it's scabies because she had one 10 years ago. I dont like self-medicating to be honest and really scared to dry any strong drugs that might damage my skin and organs so I opted for natural remedies instead. I tried several plant oil
    essences online but none have worked on me. I was really depressed because it affected my social life in a huge way. It sucks to be isolated at home and all my articles, clothing and stuff were all isolated. I saw Dr. Scabies online, their website and information looked reliable so I gave it a try. It came really fast by the way. I finished the whole treatment and my scabies went away and my skin feels really soft.

  4. Thankful Nurse

    Posted by Debra J.   Verified Purchase

    I have been comparing pharmaceutical products versus natural remedies for eczema. I am so tired of using prescription drugs. I couldn't really tolerate the side effects I'm getting from it. There was never a time I feel at peace using those drugs. I've been doing a lot of research and it seemed that Dr. Scabies ingredients are similar to other eczema products only on a milder level. At this point I am willing to try anything natural. So I went and buy this kit at my own risk. Other people may not have the same effect like how it worked on me but the treatment worked amazing to eradicate the eczema! I am also, a health care provider in a local emergency room and often exposed to scabies etc. 8X and 12X sulfur is a second line treatment for scabies and there are many evidence based studies supporting the use in individual's who can not tolerate prescription meds! It's like a miracle remedy for me. I keep buying this kit as spare. Now I feel confident and secured every time I walked into my workplace.

  5. I will NEVER regret this purchase

    Posted by Paul   Verified Purchase

    This is the dynamic trio! I love this them all - Dr. Scabies Liquid soap, Bath Solution and Cream! it has cleared our scabies and my family is feeling wonderful now.As we were using the soap, the itchiness are relieved and we feel that it really gets deep down in the pores and gets rid of the annoying mites and eggs, flushing them out of the system.The bath solution really worked great as repellent, we even use them to drive away mosquitoes whenever we're outside of our house. We felt a little sting when we applied the cream but it definitely dried up all the wounds and got rid of all scabbing and all those

  6. Got rid of all kinds of mites pestering my family for months!

    Posted by Klein   Verified Purchase

    My review: our yard has been inhabited by different kinds of mites since day one of living here. I bought this property five years ago. In summer, it seemed that these mites were making concerted effort to live invade our house. I assume it would be my neighbors who keep chickens, certainly a natural host for mites and other bothersome insects.
    Some say bird mites don't infest people, yet others say they certainly do. All I care about is to work in my yard without mites trying to burrow into my skin. My doctor said it was scabies. Well since it's microscopic I couldn't really tell where I got this scabies. It has became so bad my husband got it from me too.

    I bought this set and it works pretty well for my situation. We followed all the steps from taking a shower, soaking body parts in the treated water and applying the cream twice daily. I apply the cream before going outside. After yard work I use the soap to wash off any bugs that clung on my clothes, boots and skin. I'm happy with all the purchase I made, all the symptoms became better, same with my husband's condition. We're both healed from those rash. We cannot definitely survive summer in Arizona without them.

  7. My take on the best scabies product

    Posted by Gary Fletcher   Verified Purchase

    I seem to have all the things that people were whining and writing about scabies. I have rash in my back, chest, stomach, groin, genital, arms and legs. The itch was so severe I had to restrain my self from scratching it any further. It was very excruciating. Like many, I had been to many dermatologists without any success. So If medical professionals couldnt help me, I resorted to natural treatment like Dr. Scabies.

    These are the +++ points of Dr. Scabies that earned my respect:

    1. Itching and crawling feeling are gone.
    2. It didn't dry my skin like other sulfur remedies.
    3. For the first time in a long time, I had good sleep!
    5. Dry skin/scabbing/crusting everywhere was gone.

    6. There's no nasty smell in the soap, solution or cream. The solution might come off as a little too strong but it definitely smell like herbs.

    7. Cream is non-greasy, it didn't stain my clothes. No one could really tell I have something on.

    1. The Soap does not lather hair as easily because I have thick hair. But I was told that lather does not really equate to cleansing power. It was just more of an old thought and familiarity issues about soaps.

    I saw a little ad on a website I was browsing....It says Natural Sulfur Treatment for Scabies...I immediately bought one and was so grateful I did. My scabies was healed.BUT FOR NOW, I AM SO THANKFUL I AM ADVISING EVERYONE THAT YOU GET SOME OR GET SOME FOR YOUR POOR FRIEND WHO IS LOOKING FOR RELIEF!

  8. Best Treatment Our Family Ever Had

    Posted by Carolyn N   Verified Purchase

    We have no doubt this is the best treatment out of all the things me and my family tried. I give it 4stars because of the price, I wish there was more discount :) We used up 3 sets of Whole Family Kit to treat 6 people. 2 of my children have severe infestation, the rest of us, just mildly infested. We responded to the treatment really well. The product does not contain any of those nasty smells that one can usually find among different sulfur products. Dr. Scabies cream is non greasy and easy to apply. Just amazing.

  9. The ONLY Treatment We Responded To

    Posted by Calvin   Verified Purchase

    My family of three have been dealing with scabies for over a year now. No matter what we tried it becomes worse and worse. A friend referred me to this site and bought this package. We were feeling a little hopeful that it will work on us. At first we thought symptoms worsened but as we continued the use for one week, we were much much better as compared to when we had other treatments. We are almost healed now and very happy with this purchase.

  10. Me and my family feel so much better now!

    Posted by James H.   Verified Purchase

    We are on our 3rd day and wanted to let you know we are already feeling a lot better now. We've been suffering with scabies for already 1 full year and nothing worked for us but with Dr.Scabies we are seeing tremendous results in just 3 days now. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

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