What are the Precautions for Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that is characterized by dry and flaky skin with intense itching. Take your medications and follow the precautions given here to get relief. 

What are the Precautions for Psoriasis?


Living with psoriasis is not easy. It is an autoimmune disease which is caused by overproduction of the cells, leading to red, itchy and scaly patches. Though the exact triggers of the skin conditions are still unknown, many medical experts believe that it may be due to skin conditions, diseases and medications. However, it is not contagious disease. Besides taking medications, following the precautions can make difference in your skin condition.

Minimize Stress:

When you experience stress, your body releases inflammation to protect itself. However, this inflammation is not good for your body as it aggravates your psoriasis. So, you need to stay positive and limit the stress. Perform meditation and deep breathing whenever you face stressful events.

Skincare is Essential:

Skincare is essential in psoriasis to minimize flare ups, dryness, scaling and redness. First of all, keep your skin moist as excessive dryness leads to flaking and itching. After taking bath, make sure to apply moisturizers to lock in the moisture. Apart from that, use sunscreen lotion before stepping into the sun. Don’t scratch your skin. Use the products that are suitable for your psoriasis affected skin.

Good Hygiene is Important:

Practicing good hygiene can make a difference to your skin condition. Though psoriasis is not contagious, infections and bacteria are believed to trigger the causes of psoriasis as they directly attack immune system which in turn releases inflammation to protect it. So, it is important to follow hygiene standards to avoid the chances of getting infections. Use antibacterial soap to wash your hand and don’t share your utensils and bedding with infected person.

Take Healthy Diet:

Take healthy diet to keep your immune healthy and strong so that it can release minimum inflammation. Avoid eating high calorie foods as obesity can aggravate your psoriasis. Limit the consumption of meat, dairy products, red meat and alcohol as they trigger inflammation that is one of the key causes of psoriasis. You can consult your doctor or dietician to get a healthy diet plan for your psoriasis.

Use Topical Ointments:

Topical ointments for psoriasisminimize your inflammation and itching. They can also slow down the growth of the skin cells. However, consult your doctor first before using these creams.

So, these are the tips you should keep in mind to keep your psoriasis in control.




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