Why Itching Won’t Disappear Despite Taking Over the Counter Medication?

Why Itching Won’t Disappear Despite Taking Over the Counter Medication?

Although, Scabies is curable with over the counter medication and some precautions, but still it’s very common complaint among infested people that scabies won’t just go away despite medication. This bring us to the question, “why is it so hard to deal with scabies?” There could be multiple reasons why you are not able to get rid of scabies despite using prescribed insecticides. Scabies symptoms take 2-3 weeks, even months to completely disappear and itching sensation remains even if all mites are terminated.

So, it’s very logical to find people confused whether the mites are dead of the infestation still remains. Before we talk about all possibilities behind prolonged scabies infestations, we should have some knowledge about the parasite responsible for it and its behavior.

What is Scabies?

Scabies a parasitic infestation caused when female Sarcoptes mites dig into host’s skin to live underneath first layer of skin, where these mites enjoy better resistance against exposure to creams and lotions meant to cure itching. It feed on host skin, lay eggs and keep digging tunnels to move in random directions. Movement of scabies mite means the infestation keeps spreading until the reproduction cycle of mites is not broken. A single mite can lay 3-4 eggs, which hatch within 2-3 days and grow into complete adult within 10-15 days. The number would keep growing until it’s attended with proper treatment.


It’s common to mistake scabies as just another itchy condition that’ll disappear itself. Itching is common characteristic shared by many different skin conditions. However, in case of scabies, this itching sensation take severe form and keep spreading around infested part of skin.  The itching gets worse during night and infested person may suffer sleep deprivation.

Formation of zigzag lines is another telltale symptom of scabies. The lines are caused by mite’s movement inside the skin.  These lines are clearly visible after you scratch the skin.

Red bumps will appear on skin surface. The bumps are home to mite’s eggs. These bumps could remain even after the eggs are dead.


Most commonly used over the counter medications include 5% permethrin, Ivermectin, malathion, Crotamition etc. These are insecticides that are suppose to terminate the mites and their eggs.

These medications are also available online with some specialized treatment courses, such as those offered by DrScabies. 

Why the itching doesn’t stop?

There are a few reasons that justify presence of itching sensation even after following proper medical treatment course.

The foremost reason is that even after the mites and their eggs are dead, their debris still remains for couple of weeks. Due to body’s allergic reaction to the debris, itching will continue despite regular medication.

Secondly, insecticides kill mites, but miss some eggs. These eggs hatch and scabies mite infestation starts again.

Scabies is a highly contagious disease because responsible parasite can hid in your bedding, cloths, towel or other belongings for couple of days. It crawls onto host’s body on contact with infested object. So, the chances are high that you have been re-infested by mites and that’s why the itching won’t go.

Weak Immune System

If scabies infested person tend have weaker immune system, the infection may take longer time to disappear.  In fact, it worsens in people with weak immune response. In people living with HIV/AIDS are reported to have worst type of scabies called crusted scabies. 

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The active ingredients of Dr. Scabies Treatment formulas are officially monographed in the "Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of The United States."