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(Summary: Here’s how aloe vera is an effective remedy for scabies.) While there are several OTC and prescribed medications for scabies, many people use home remedies to manage the symptoms. Home remedies like tea tree oil, aloe vera and turmeric are beneficial and soothe the symptoms like itch and rashes. Thanks to their antibacterial and […]

From diseases to common beauty problems, aloe vera can be an effective remedy. Here are the benefits of aloe vera as a home remedy. The Internet is stacked with thousands of blogs over home remedies. But one thing is common in most of these blogs—aloe vera. Yeah, aloe vera is an effective home remedy being […]

Learn here what makes aloe vera an effective remedy for skin conditions like burns, rashes, itch and blisters. Aloe vera has been used for various health conditions for ages. Recognized by its thick, pointed and fleshy green leaves, aloe vera has become the key ingredients in many cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food products. Pic Credit:- The […]

Aloe Vera juice advantages have been for sure understood among the health cognizant for quite a long time, and proceeded even today. Individuals are continually searching for various healthy skin items that can enhance their skins look and appearance. The vast majority are on the chase to discover an item that can make them look […]

That humble-looking plant in your garden might not be that appealing to by its appearance, but do you know how useful it can be. What makes aloe vera so amazing? Well, the answer is in the goodness it carries inside its fleshy leaves. It consists of wealth of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, active enzymes, and amino […]

The microscopic Sarcoptesscabiei mite is the cause for scabies infection in humans. The female mite burrows under the host skin’s top layer and then move about within to lay eggs which hatch and cause even more infestation. The condition is highlighted with intense itching (especially during nighttime) and appearance of red pimple-like rashes which are […]

Scabies is caused by an eight-legged parasitic mite, Sarcoptesscabiei which infests the top layer of skin to lay eggs. The mite moves under the skin during the nighttime which causes intense irritation. As a response to the mite protein, the immune system kicks-in and pimple-like rashes develop on the skin. It can take around 2-6 […]

The appearance of red spots on the skin can point towards an allergy or infection. In most cases, the red, itchy spots on the skin are rashes which can have blisters or welts too. Normally rashes are caused by scratchy clothes, excessive exposure to hot and humid weather or the presence of irritants on the […]