4 Healing Baths to Soothe Eczema’s Signs

Bathing moisturizes your dry skin which is important if you have eczema. Here we have listed some healing baths you can try to sooth your eczema skin.

4 Healing Baths to Soothe Eczema’s Signs

Eczema is a skin condition marked by dryness, flakes, rashes and cracks on your skin. It is triggered by several factors including low humidity, wind, cold temperature and using harsh and alcohol based soap.

As dryness is the key factor of the eczema, it is extremely important to keep your skin moisturized. And bathing is an easy and efficient way to do that. Bathing reduces dryness and keeps your skin moisturized. To get more benefits, here we have listed the special types of baths you must try for your eczema affected skin.

Oatmeal Bath:

Oatmeal bath is the most recommended for several skin conditions including eczema. This is because it is rich in the healing properties to ease itchy, inflamed and sensitive skin. It also locks in the skin moisture. Let’s see how you can use oatmeal bath to soothe your eczema skin.

  • Add 3-4 cups of fine oatmeal powder (you can grind oats) to your bathtub filled with warm water. Stir it well.
  • Soak yourself for 15-20 minutes. Rinse it well.
  • Pat dry with a towel followed by an application of moisturizer.

Bleach Bath:

Bleach bath is efficient to lessen the frequent occurring skin infections while it soothes the eczema’s signs including redness and scaling of the skin. You can use it along with eczema’s medication and moisturizer for better results.

All you need to add a cup of household bleach to a bathtub filled with warm water (151 liters or 40 gallons). Soak yourself or affected body parts for no longer than 15 minutes. Use a clean towel to dry yourself up. Use a moisturizer within 3-5 minutes. You should not take it more than 3 times in a week.

(NOTE: You should not use concentrated bleach as it can cause burning sensation. Don’t add more bleach than the mentioned percentage given here. Consult your physician if you are in a doubt.)

Epsom Salt Bath:

Epsom salt bath also soothes your eczema affected skin as it is rich in magnesium keeping your skin hydrated. Besides, it has an ability to remove the toxins from the body which trigger eczema. Magnesium is packed with anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and skin recovery agent.

Add up to 3 cups of Epsom salt to your bathtub filled with warm water. Use salt in smaller portion if you have to use it for a smaller part of the skin. Soak yourself for 15-20 minutes followed by drying up with a towel. Use a moisturizer afterwards.

Baking Soda Baths:

 Baking soda contains antiseptic and cleansing properties, besides easing rashes and inflammation. Add 1 cup of baking soda in your bathtub filled with warm water and stir well. Take a soak for 15-20 minutes. Rinse off and pat dry followed by an application of moisturizer.

Soak yourself with 10-15 minutes. Rinse off and pat dry with a towel. Use moisturizer immediately.

Follow These Instructions While Taking Any of Above Given Baths:

  • Don’t use hot water
  • Use the ingredients as they are mentioned
  • Use the moisturizer immediately after each bath
  • Use your prescribed medications

So these were the healing baths for eczema. Please consult your physician if you have doubt or any issue.

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