5 Beauty Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

5 Beauty Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

For years, extra virgin olive oil has been preferred by the professionals for its amazing benefits. Being loaded with antioxidants like vitamins A and E, this oil brings forth a nutritional punch to lift your face with beauty advantages. Regular usage let you experience the inside benefit to your skin. The versatile usage makes it compulsory for everyone to keep a small bottle in the bathroom every time.

Undoubtedly, olive oil is one of the most popular essential oils available these days. Found almost 3000 years back in Asia, it has been extensively used for years as a natural remedy for various reasons. But, they were the Mediterranean people who first recognized the real worth of this oil and started using it for something more than just a healing agent. The oil extracted from olive plant contains a lot of monounsaturated fat, which is highly beneficial for blood cholesterol levels and other cardiovascular diseases. Not only this, the extracted oil worked well as an effective moisturizer and people started using it as a prefect treatment for the skin irritations.

Now as per the level of processing, the olive oil is available in market in four different types:

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil: It is obtained from lowest level of processing.
  • Virgin Olive Oil: This one is obtained from second pressings on the olive.
  • Pure Olive Oil: Widely used, it is obtained from rigorous processing including refining and filtering.
  • Extra Light Oil: After huge processing, this delicate olive flavored oil is obtained.

As far as the extra virgin olive oil is concerned, it is known to be the purest and healthiest form and comes to you after cold pressing of the freshly harvested olives. The process makes minimum or no usage of chemicals or artificial flavors. The top beauty benefits originate from the high content of antioxidants and fatty acids.

Let’s find out some astounding skin benefits of the extra virgin olive oil here:

  1. Moisturizer: If you feel that your skin is dry and you want a natural moisturizer to heal it, then look no further than extra virgin olive oil. It deeply penetrates into your skin and proffers it with required moisture. The presence of antioxidants-vitamins A and E, help repair the skin damage from sun exposure and prepare a shield to protect your skin from cigarette smoke and pollutants. It will keep your skin smooth and healthy.


  2. Reduce Stretch Marks: Pregnancy brings a great number of changes in your body. But, now you really need not worry about those unwanted stretch marks. Just massaging with a little extra virgin olive oil each day helps you to reduce stretch marks and keeps your skin soft and smooth. You can count on high quality extra virgin olive oil to rub on the belly for visible effects.


  3. Exfoliating Skin: Do you know that extra virgin olive naturally exfoliates your skin? Yes, just add a small amount of sea salt to the oil and this is enough to treat scaly and dry skin. Start massaging this solution into the affected areas of your face. Slowly it will help you get rid of the old and dry skin, revealing new, healthy and younger skin.


  4. Anti-ageing Treatment: The range of nutritional benefits and presence of vitamin E helps you to tone, repair and rejuvenate your dry and damaged skin. You can apply it directly to your skin and massage it daily to build a protective coating on the skin to prevent it from aging problems.


  5. Skin Elasticity: Those who are fighting with lose skin can use olive oil to massage gently to promote their skin’s elasticity. For better effects, incorporate it into your diet too. Doing so, the nutritional effects will heal your entire body.

Whether you buy it for skin benefits or health benefits, remember olive oil needs to be purchased in extra virgin formulation. You can reap the benefits of this oil with highest nutritional easily!

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