5 Common Eczema Myths You Should Not Believe Anymore

Do you think eczema is infectious? Do you still believe that eczema is an allergic reaction? If so, you must read here some eye opening facts about eczema.

Common Eczema Myths

Eczema is a skin disease in which skin surface is teemed with the dry and flaky patches causing intense itching and bleeding. World Health Organization says that up to 5 per cent of children and 10 per cent of adults are affected from eczema worldwide. Sadly, eczema is built around with so many misconceptions that affect the people’s outlook and right treatment. Here, we have debunked the common eczema myths you must know.

Eczema is Contagious:

Eczema may look like an infectious skin diseases due to its symptoms like bumps, blisters and rashes. But actually it is not contagious. Remember, eczema can’t spread from a patient to you. You can catch it only when the person’s skin is affected with MSRA or herpes. However, eczema can trigger the infection chances. Therefore, you must seek medical advice if there is redness, crusting and oozing on your skin.

Eczema is an Allergic Reaction

Most people consider eczema an allergic reaction as the flare up is triggered by alcohol, perfumed soaps, pollen and dust mites. However, eczema is not an allergic reaction as it is caused by the excessively dry skin which weak the line of defense, letting bacteria and allergens to affect the skin. This is why eczema medications are prescribed to safe the moisture from being lost while strengthen the barrier.

Stress Causes Eczema:

Not at all! Stress can’t be the cause of eczema in any means. But, it can aggravate eczema as it produces hormone cortisol affecting the skin’s ability to retain water, increasing dryness and inflammation—main signs of eczema. Perform workout and meditation to avoid stress while you have eczema.

Topical Medication is Not Safe for My Skin:

Contrary to this myth, topical medications are useful to prevent dryness and inflammation during eczema. However, the misuse or not following guidelines can cause side effects, worsening your eczema condition. So, use topical medications as directed by your physician.

Bathing Daily Can Make my Eczema Worse:

It is one of the biggest misconceptions that you must skip your bath while having eczema. Remember, bathing daily won’t worse your eczema unless you are using perfumed soap and gels as they are hypo allergenic and can steal your skin moisture. Besides, avoid hot water in bathing as it triggers the flare ups.

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