5 Common Skin Rashes You Need To Know

Rashes are common, isn’t it?

These are reactions of your skin which develops in form of an abnormal texture or some other features, like itching,pain, and fluid discharge. There can be many reasons why rashes occur. It might appear as a response to an infection, allergy, toxin, or some skin disease. As far as their appearance is concerned, it can range from an outbreak of painful eruptive sores to an almost incidental swelling of tissue. And the worst part is that rashes can be tough to distinguish.

It can be due to an infestation, some allergy, or even a medication you recently consumed. Below is a list of various skin rashes which occur due to different skin conditions. Have a look:

  1. Shingles:It is varicella zoster virus which is said to be responsible for this skin condition. Also known as herpes zester it is includes appearance of rashes which can occur anywhere on the body. However, in most of the cases, these appear on the torso. If overlooked, the red rashes will turn into blisters and may be filled with the pus. And the patient has to go through itching, pain, tingling sensation, so on.
  2. Scabies: This one is an intensely pruritic skin condition. Basically, it occurs due to an infestation caused due to the presence of microscopic mite Sarcoptesscabiei. It can affect anyone, regardless of race, gender, or age. It is said that the female insect first burrows into the skin, feed on their host, and lay eggs there. The worst part is that this skin problem is highly contagious. It can easily spread through direct contact or indirect contact.
  3. Jock Itch (TineaCruris): While the skin rashes in case of jock itch are peeling, red, flaky, and lead to intense itching, it majorly appears on the upper thigh. You will spot red and itchy lesion that can spread to the abdomen and buttocks.


  1. Athlete’s Foot: This is basically a fungal infection which is quite common in people wearing tight fitting shoes. And do you know that it can be spread by locker rooms, gyms equipment or public showers? So you need to be quite careful. Usually, the common signs of the infection include peeling, burning, and cracking of feet skin. Plus, the toenails will appear discolored and the rashes in this case will be dry and flaky. Later, these can turn red if they get intense.
  2. Ringworm: Also known as TineaCorporis, it is a common fungal infection which occurs due to fungus thriving in warm and moist areas. Similar to athlete’s foot this can spread in locker rooms and pools. The other mode of transmission includes sharing of clothing, bedding, and towels. You can distinguish the rashes as these appear marked with the circular and red crusted patches. These will occur on the arms, legs, and chest.

Whatever rashes you are dealing with, make sure you pay attention before it gets too late. You can consider application of a reputed OTC solution such as Dr. Scabies. As it comprises of natural ingredients, it will help relieving the symptoms immensely. However, if the problem remains consistent, you must visit your doctor for getting it examined.

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