5 Effective Tips to Reverse the Sunburn Signs

Here are the things you must do to minimize the sunburn signs and symptoms on your skin.

Prolonged exposure to the sun can be resulted in skin problems as brown spots, wrinkles, sun burn, tanning and even skin cancer. Though they are not likely to be life threatening, these signs can be aesthetically challenging. Well, there are number of treatments to fix these “ugly” symptoms, but you must try some natural remedies for them. Plus, these ways act as the precautions preventing them occurring again.

Exfoliate Your Skin:

To get rid of sun damages, you can try exfoliation which removes the dead cells and enhances the glow on your skin. Make sure to use the brand having 5 to 8 percent of glycolic acid, which removes the extra layers of the dead cells–a main culprit for the brown pigmentation.

Add Vitamin A to Your Diet

Taking vitamin A rich foods in your diet can be useful to reverse the signs of sunburn. Adding eggs, veggies, fishes, carrots, papaya, and avocado to your meals will provide you natural antioxidant which speed up the skin healing while preventing the aging factors caused by sunlight and toxins. Ask your doctor to prescribe vitamin A supplement.

Apply Sunscreen Protection

You can’t afford to step out without wearing sun screening when sun is gleaming outside. It protects you from harmful UV rays. It prevents premature aging. It lowers skin cancer risks. It prevents blotchiness on face. In this way, the layers of sunscreen is useful to stop the sun burn, fine lines, skin cancer and premature aging. So, if you don’t wear sunscreen, you just deprive of these benefits. Make sure to shop the sunscreen with at least SPF 15. It’s better if you apply waterproof sunscreen if you sweat lot or do swimming. It is recommended to wear sunscreen at least 20 minutes before you step out in the sun so that it can form a layer on your skin. You must use it again after gym or swimming.

Fix Your Brown Spots

Nobody can tolerate ugly brown spots on face but they may be inevitable due to the ageing. Over sun exposure may be the cause of brown spots. People with light skin tone tend to appear them. There are many home remedies to treat brown spots like lemon juice, aloe vera, buttermilk, and yogurt. Apart from that, you can use several skin bleaching creams to fade the brown spots on your skin. Choose the products which have the high percentage of niacinamide, which is known as skin lighting agent.

Use Moisturizer:

Apart from skin pigmentation, prolonged exposure to the sun makes your skin dry and dehydrated. As a result, your skin tends to develop flakes, and looks dull. In this scenario, nothing could be as effective as moisturizer for your whole body. Choose the moisturizer having AHA or facial serum and hyaluronic acid which is good for dry skin and wrinkles. As an added bonus, the regular use will boost the collagen production, restoring skin’s texture and appearance.

So, these are the precautions to save your skin from the signs of sun damage.

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