5 Itchy skin conditions you need to know

Are you dealing with rashes over your skin?

5 Itchy skin conditions you need to know

Has it turned red or scaly?

Is it irritating you every now and then?

Then it’s the time for you to see the doctor. As these symptoms aren’t that simple as they appear to be. There are chances that it might be a minor skin allergy, but you cannot overlook the fact that it could be something more.

What if your skin itches a lot?

As stated there are several conditions which can cause severe itching. Hence, before you start with the treatment, it is important for you to learn about these in detail;

Bed Bugs

Those tiny insects which can stay hidden in cracks of wallpaper and even your bed can cause itching too. Actually, these bugs turn active in the dark or in the night time. Their presence can leave your skin itchy and reddish easily. Hence, to avoid any sort of infection caused by bed bugs, it is must to vacuum your mattress frequently. Plus, make sure you wash your linens in extreme hot water.


The worst thing about this skin problem is that it one of the most ignored conditions. Though it is widespread among people, yet only few are known to it. Basically, it is a highly contagious kin problem which occurs due to infestation of scabies mites. The eight-legged bug once enter your skin can live, survive and reproduce beneath the skin surface. Hence, the problems tend to increase with the passage of time.

It is highly important to treat this problem from the roots. Else it can grow worse and re-infestation chances are very high. You can switch to a homeopathic treatment Dr. Scabies which consists of sulfur and other essential oils. It is safe on skin and harsh on mites.

Dry skin

Has your skin totally lost its capability to grease itself? Then certainly it is will become dry in fewer days, further resulting into an itchy skin. The good thing is that you don’t need to worry much. You can just hydrate your skin using a good moisturizer. This will help get back the glow of your skin and relieves itchiness.

Flea bites

It can be due to those flea bites that your skin turns itchy. This is more prominent in the houses which have a cat. Yes, if you have kitty at home, you can get affected by cat flea. Thus, it’s good to keep yourself covered properly and avoid flea bites.



Even if you have recovered from shingles recently, then there are good chances that it might take you few weeks to completely get over the itch. You must consult your doctor for this and get it treated wisely.


So, take care of your skin and if itching persists for longer period, make sure you get some tests done. Taking some precautionary steps can save you from bigger problems.


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