5 Major Fungal Skin Infections You Might Encounter

When it comes to fungal skin infections, there are many in the list. The biggest problem is that these most of them are not easy to recognize. Hence, here are listed 5 fungal diseases which you must know about.

5 Major Fungal Skin Infections You Might Encounter

Is your skin turning unhealthy?

Do you find it more susceptible to infections?

If yes, then there are good chances to deal with symptoms like itching, rashes, blisters, and so on. The best thing you can do is take a precautionary measure to prevent any kind of skin disease. For example, you can keep handy a FDA certified homeopathic cream like Dr. Scabies which has anti-itch properties. Plus, it has anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties, making it perfect to deal with different signs.

However, if it is about fungal infections, these are bit difficult to diagnose. Even from the simple symptoms, it is not feasible to diagnose the type of fungus on the skin. Hence, it is essential to know about the fungal skin diseases in details.

Below are listed 5 major skin problems caused by fungal infections, have a look;

Athlete’s foot:  Do you know in USA around ten percent of the population is developing this problem? Generally, it is found between the toes as the environment here is moist and whitish. And it is the fifth, forth and third toes which are highly vulnerable to this skin infection. Just like any other fungus skin infections, tinea pedis (another name of this skin disease), it too causes intense itching and burning. With the medications, make sure you avoid closed shoes as these causes sweating of the feet which then lead to athlete’s foot.

Jock Itch: Also called as, Tinea cruris, it is a fungal infection of the groin area. Especially found on the inner thighs and scrotum, it starts with redness and peeling of the affected parts. There are good chances to you feel the urge to scratch your skin. Hence, avoid sweat and moisture as far as possible.

Tinea versicolor: Have you recently observed a change in the color of your natural skin? It might be some lighter or darker patches on your skin surface. If the answer is YES, it is Tinea versicolor which can cause some itchiness and formation of crust.

Ringworm: These are round and flat in shape and are surrounded with a red fresh looking welt. When these develop on the scalp, these are termed to be tinea capitis. However, when these occur on the body, they are referred to tinea corporis.

It is worth noticing that both are caused by dermatophytes and if allowed to contaminate with other areas of the skin, these can combine to form groups of ugly shapes. Hence, if you diagnose them, start with over the counter medications and consult your doctor at earliest.

Candidiasis moniliasis: Caused by candida albicans, this kind of infection can develop in the mouth, the female genital organ. As stated, ladies are more vulnerable to this disorder, reason being the nature of their reproductive organ is moist and warm.

So, these were the most common infections you might face. Remember, early detection can help your skin to stay healthy. Hence, whenever you detect any signs of fungal infestation, don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor.

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