5 Myths about Scabies (with real facts)

Suffering from intense itching and inflamed skin? Dealing with red patches around skin folds?

If yes, then there are pretty good chances that you have scabies. Being an intensely pruritic skin condition, this is said to be caused due to an infestation with the microscopic mite- Sarcoptes scabiei. Today there are millions of people affected worldwide. In fact, the rate of infestation has been increasing for last several years in the United States.

While it can happen to people of all genders, races, and age groups, there are several misconceptions which lead to an increase of the infestation rate in the society. In order to know to treat the problem from its roots, it is really essential to learn about these myths. Without making any further delay, find out some of them here and learn the real truth behind.

Myth: It can be easily diagnosed!

Fact: The truth is that it can be really difficult for you to diagnose the problem. Simply because the symptoms of this problem such as blisters and rashes mimic several other skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis and many more. Hence, you might not be able to identify the problem from first signs. It is better if you see your physician to confirm the same. The doctor will also examine the symptoms to rule out the possibility of various skin conditions. And you might have to go for biopsy test to assure.

Myth: Scabies spread through direct contact only!

Fact: Undoubtedly, scabies is a highly contagious skin condition. The prime mode for outspread is skin to skin contact. But that never restrains it from spreading through indirect mode. Yes, you read that right. There are good chances for you to catch it from stuff being used by an infected person. For instance if you get into contact with the furniture, clothes, towels, etc. being used by a scabies infested patient, the mites can easily transfer to your body. Reason being, these mites can live off their host for three to four days. This clearly means that infection will not only pass on with the prolong skin contact but also through bedding, attires, and much more.


Myth:Only patient needs treatment!


Fact: Each and every person in the family or your circle, who came into the contact of the patient, needs to be treated. You need to know that the scabies signs can take 6 weeks to develop. Hence, you never know who will be the next with infestation. It is better to be careful for the personal items such as clothing, sheets, and towels, and wash them separately. Plus, it is advised to secure the items which cannot be washed in an airtight plastic bag.

Myth: Scabies scrapes are difficult to perform!

Fact: Another common myth in primary care is that scabies scrapes are tough to perform and can take a quite long time. However, the reality of performing and reading scrapes is simple. It is easy to do thing and would take time equivalent to that spent in obtaining an x-ray. So don’t stress out!


Myth:Scabies once treated will not return!

Fact: Do you know scabies is also known as 7 year itch? The chances of recurrence are really high. It can strike you again if you have a weaker immune system. But you can prevent scabies from returning by keeping yourself away from scabies patient andpracticing good hygiene.

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