5 Natural Treatments for Pink Eye Symptoms

Infections- One of the most widely recognized health risks we need to manage each now or after. Pink eye is one of them. Pink eye can be very infectious, it is generally prescribed that people ought to treat both eyes regardless of the possibility that one and only is influenced. If you are searching a remedy for pink eye, we have a list of the best remedies. In this article, you’ll read about pink eye, symptoms, and the 5 natural treatments that one can have for pink eye.

5 Natural Treatments for Pink Eye Symptoms

What is pink eye?

Pink eye is, otherwise, called conjunctivitis. It has been named as such because of the swelling occurred in the conjunctiva. It’s a membrane that coats the white portion of our eyes furthermore the internal layer of our eyelids.

Our vision is the significant thing that makes us see this delightful world. But, this condition can here and there be disturbing. On the other hand, conjunctivitis generally does not bring about extreme vision harm.

Risk Factors

Risk factors that are responsible for the conjunctivitis are as follows;

  • Coming in contact with a person who is already a victim


  • Direct contact with an allergen, which is the base to conjunctivitis

Symptoms for conjunctivitis;

  • When your one eye is affected, automatically, water keeps on coming from your other eye


  • Allergy can affect both your eyes in some time, resulting a forceful itching in your eye


  • Then, there will be a continuous watering from your nose and eyes

Well! In this condition, you may consult a doctor so that you get a prescribed medicine. These anti-allergy pills can help in suppressing the allergic reaction so that none of your family member gets affected.

Natural Treatments

Apart from this, you may pick a Natural treatment for pink eye. Some people say this is the best kind of method, one can ever have;

  • Boil the fennel seeds and with that water, wash your face. Splash the water in such a way that it gets in contact with your conjunctiva. In this way, the redness of your eye can be removed.


  • Apply a warm water cotton squeezes on the affected part. This will reduce the swelling of your eye.


  • Cut a slice of a potato and apply it to your affected area. It is a perfect kind of astringent that one can apply to reduce swelling and redness.


  • Also, one can soak a cotton in the Aloe Vera juice ands then, apply it on an affected area. Also, you can put some Aloe Vera juice in water and use it as eyewash.


  • Take a cup of hot water and put 2 tspn of turmeric powder. Once it cools down, splash it on your face, especially on the affected eye. Also, you can go for warm compress.

So, this time if conjunctivitis caught you, do pick up these 5 natural remedies and say goodbye to all your inflammations and rednesses.

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