5 Potassium Rich Foods You Need to add in Your Diet!

5 Potassium Rich Foods You Need to add in Your Diet!

There is a long of minerals your body need and potassium is definitely one of the valuable element. Basically, it work as a catalyst in the nervous system and helps functioning of mind, heart, kidneys and many other parts of your body in a better way. Lack of an adequate amount of potassium in the body can lead to several problems like heart irregularities, fatigue, weakness, confusion, and much more.

Well you might have read about it in your science classes in high school or college. But do you know that potassium is highly important for your body too? Yes, only few of might know about its implications as a mineral in the daily eating habits, but it is true that you need to consume it on a regular basis. And without it your body will experience fatigue-related symptoms.

As far as the importance of potassium is considered in your body, it helps in regulation of neuromuscular activities. It is highly significant for your skeletal, cardiac and smooth muscles. Thus, low or inadequate amount of potassium rich foods in your diet can lead to weakens and causes tiredness up to a great extent. Another major disorder caused is hypokalemia, which can result into disturbed heart rhythm, higher risk of hyponatremia, muscle weakness and myalgia, confusion and seizures, cramping in the muscles, etc.

If you wish to keep all these problems at bay, you must start consuming these potassium rich foods from today itself.

  1. Avocado: Being a versatile food item, avocado offers amazing health benefits. It often goes overlooked for how much potassium it has. This simple and easily available fruit is a great source of healthy polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fat. Also it is highly rich in fiber amount which make it perfect addition to your diet. Just scoop them out of their shell and eat them whole. If you don’t love this style of eating avocado, you can blend them up in a smoothie too.


  2. Sun-Dried Tomatoes: You must know how rich fresh tomatoes are in potassium. But do you know sun-dried tomatoes contain more than 1,800 mg of potassium per cup, which is higher than amount available in fresh tomatoes. Moreover, they are low in fat, rich in fiber, protein, and vitamin C. It significantly promotes both digestive and immune system health. Hence, from today onwards make it to your salads and sandwiches for potassium requirement.


  3. Banana: When it comes to potassium rich foods, banana is the first word. They are definitely a good source of potassium. Will you believe that one medium-sized banana serves you with a full 12% of your daily value of potassium? Not only this, it us a good source of Vitamin B-6, fiber, Vitamin C, and Magnesium. You can eat them as a fruit or when at home go with oatmeal smoothie.


  4. Kidney Beans: You love kidney beans for their color and taste. So, now there is another reason to add it to your meals. With more than 600 mg per cup, kidney beans are a rich source of potassium and fiber. If not in meals, you can add them to salads, adding salt and pepper to it.


  5. Mushrooms: Not one, not two, there are several types of mushrooms. And do you know each of them carries a different level of potassium? What stays common is that every type is helpful in increasing your potassium level. Experts believe that they carry the same amount of potassium as a banana. So, now you can try a new type of mushroom daily, that too for a month. Or if you want to stick to the common white mushroom, you can try it in various dishes and salads.

Thus, potassium turns out to be one of the important minerals your body needs to function properly. So, if you want to avoid hypokalemia and its side effects, you need to consume foods rich in potassium. Your body will be so grateful to you!

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