5 Precautionary Steps to Take When Infested with Scabies!

Summary: Have you ever had scabies? If yes, then you might be aware of the fact how annoying and irritating this skin disease can be. Well, there is a lot available for treating scabies, both, naturally and with the over counter available medications. But are you known to the important precautions required to avoid widespread. Let’s find some of them here.

5 Precautionary Steps to Take When Infested with Scabies!

Those scabies itch mites, the tiny eight-legged parasites which are just 1/3 millimeter long, can cause you the seven year itch. Once these mites burrow under the skin, it causes and severe itching, and many other symptoms, which get worse with the passage of time. When beneath the surface, the female mites reproduce and lay eggs in their tunnel. Later, these eggs hatch, and the mite larvae increases the infestation.

In the initial stage, the skin begins to itch, getting severe at night. It happens due to allergic reaction which occurs due to the mites, their eggs and their waste. While there are several treatments for the infestation, it’s right time to look for some precautions when you have scabies;

Clean your bedding and clothing:

It is significant to understand that washing the bed sheets, pillow covers, and clothes help you keeping mites away. To keep it safe, you need to wash all your worn clothes and other belongings. Here, the laundry cycle isn’t sufficient to kill the mites. So ensure you use a drier that too on the hottest setting possible to kill off bugs and their eggs.

Vacuuming for furniture and carpet:

Once you are done with cleaning for your cloths, it is time to vacuum the furniture and carpet at home. Every corner need to be vacuumed, and also make sure to dispose away the vacuum bag containing mites. You can use a steam cleaner with borax powder. It is an easier and effective way to clean your stuff.  

Try to keep isolated:

It is not necessary to stay in a single room throughout the treatment process, but yes, less you touch, the lesser are the chances of infestation for others. Thus, by limiting your exposure to furniture, and other items, you can keep home and environment scabies-free. Also, for stuff like your clothing or towels, it is advised to put them in a plastic bag.

Avoid scratching:

Though the itching will cause you to scratch, but scratching your itchy skin will not provide you relief. In fact, scratching will only makes matter worse. The reason being, it can spread the mites across your body, and yes, it increases your risk of a secondary skin infection.

Treating everyone in the family and close contacts:

In major of the cases, it is found that scabies recurrences occur due to reinfection from untreated contacts. Hence, it is highly essential that the loved ones receive scabies treatment too. And yes, even your pets need to be treated well. Certainly, cats and dogs are affected with distinct species of mites they can still be a home to scabies, which can cause spread mites to others.


So, take the precautions and keep safe from scabies. And as far as treatment is considered, don’t count on the permerthrin based creams. Go for natural and safe solutions.

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