5 Preventive Measures You Can Take to Avoid the Nasty Scabies

Anyone who has never been infected with scabies skin disorder might take about four to six weeks to display the visible symptoms. 

However, anyone with a previous scabies infestation will show visible symptoms within a few days after bring infected. But, there are certain ways, following which you can certainly avoid contracting scabies infection. 

Mentioned below are guidelines for successfully preventing scabies disease.

  1. Avoid extended contacts with anyone infected with the female mites (or any mites at all!). 
  2. Avoid the slightest contact with anyone infested with “Crusted” or “Norwegian” scabies. 
  3. Make sure sharing unclean towels, dirty & unwashed bed linens and even the unwashed clothes is strictly prohibited. This will help you prevent the transmission of many unwanted and undesirable transmittable skin disorders such as scabies. 
  4. Even if one person in the house becomes infested with scabies, make sure you treat every member of your family at the same time. 
  5. Make sure to wash all your clothing, bed linens, your towels and all other such items in hot water and with disinfectants. Immediately dry them on the hot settings right after everyone at your house has taken the first treatment. Scabies has the tendency to survive off the human body for a short duration of time. But hot washing and drying kills eggs, and thereby don’t under estimate the usefulness of the smallest precautions. 


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