5 Shortcuts to Perfect Skin for All the Lazy Girls Out There!

Getting up early and dressing for long hours in the front of the mirror is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are many who just like to get up from their bed, get into their dress for the day and move out. All this laziness is fine unless it harms your skin. For all those lazy birds, it is important to learn some easy and less time consuming skin care tips, which can do real wonders.

Every girl loves to look at her best. But when it comes to grooming, there are some who are divas, while others are minimalists. Few call themselves lazy, some chalk it up to time constraints, other are there lacking the right skills. In all this, what often comes out is that girls get harsh with their skin, which can be problematic in the long run.

No, you don’t need to feel bad about this is you are bit lazy or fussed up with tight working schedule. Certainly, you’re not alone. And yes, not all the women are experts in the field of makeup and hair do. What important is to learn the right way out and thus, we compile the best shortcuts here. Read on the 10 amazing, yet simple things you can do to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

A deep sleep:

Have you ever noticed how your skin looks different when you are sleep-deprived? Yes, the tiredness of your body clearly appears on your face. The pale color, dark circles, and lots more tell the story that you have been restless for days. Along this, it can also lead to breakouts and several other skin problems. Hence, to make your skin repairs itself, it is important to take a deep sleep. Definitely, being a lazy bird, you will love to do it. So, a perfect sleep and it will lead you to perfect complexion. Remember, it is much more important to take eight hours of beauty sleep each night. It works better than applying your night cream.

Sip a Green Tea:

Well you might be aware of the great qualities of green tea. Nowadays, from common men to experts, everyone is strongly recommending to have a green tea twice a day. The presence of anti-inflammatory properties proves to be helpful in soothing the irritated skin and reduce inflammation. It significantly helps in getting rid of acne and pimples. And if you want it to do wonders for you, try drinking it cold. Basically, green tea boosts the collagen production which helps in kicking out the wrinkles and reducing the visible signs of aging.

Breathe good air:

It is understood that you cannot get up early morning and go for a walk. However, it is highly important to understand that air pollutants not only harm the environment, but also can cause irreparable damage to your skin. Hence, if you are working in a smoke-filled room, it can lead you to free radicals, which further cause skin aging and cellular damage. What more dreadful is that it can lead cancer too! Actually, smoke particles clog the pores and triggers breakouts. So, avoid sitting or working in the smoke-filled room in your office and apartment.

Pick the water-based hair solution:

It was about your skin care, isn’t it? Then how these hair care products enter this list? The answer is quite simple, you wash your hair twice or thrice a day and while you are washing your hair, it is hard to prevent shampoo running down your face. And it is not necessary that the product which is good for your hair will be ideal for your sensitive face skin too. Hence, it is suggested here to opt for water-based hair care products or you can look for organic hair products. These are less aggressive and cause less irritation.

Go organic with skin care products:

Just like your hair care solutions, it is a must that you consider buying organic cosmetics. While they are less aggressive and are free from those harsh chemicals, there are fewer chances of the undesirable effects. Moreover, the organic skin care products come with essential skin nutrients, which help in making things easier for you.

So, from now onwards make sure you follow up the afore-stated solutions. A little effort today will help you keep your skin beautiful and youthful for long!

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