5 Simple Steps On How To Treat Scabies

Scabies is often called the seven year old itch, as this skin infection keeps coming back. The treatment chosen should ensure that the chances of re-infestation are minimized to zero. The important thing to remember is to keep calm and be patient.

Keep in mind the following five steps in order to get rid of Scabies –

1. Proper Identification Of The Infection

The Scabies rash might be mistaken for a skin allergy or insect bite and the delay in proper treatment might cause bigger problems in the future. The doctor might take skin scrapings in order to be sure of the infection.

2. Decide on the right line of treatment

In the market today there are all kinds of products available for the patient. He can choose from natural products like Dr. Scabies that have no side effects, to pesticide based treatments like permethrin based creams or even stronger Lindane based creams.

3. Follow the instructions carefully

It is important that the treatment should be followed strictly and with all the precautions prescribed by the doctor. Natural products like Dr. Scabies strongly suggest that once a patient is infected the whole family should be treated as a single unit in order to control the infection.

4. Eradicate the Mites Form Your Home

Along with the treatment it is important that the mites are eradicated from the home too. Make it a point to keep your home, car, office, clothes and pets clean. The bed linen and personal belongings must also be cleaned thoroughly.

5. Words of Wisdom

Avoid scratching, easier said than done, as it buries the mites deeper inside the skin. Avoid taking hot showers as it will make the skin drier and difficult for the body to heal.

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