5 Unexpected Ways To Prevent Scabies Infection

Undoubtedly, scabies is a skin disease which needs to be treated properly and completely, in order to avoid its re –appearance and infection among others. Learn here how you can prevent its occurrence.

5 Unexpected Ways To Prevent Scabies Infection

When it comes to the most contagious type of skin disorders, scabies is the one to be surely in the list. As far as its occurrence is considered, it happens when the mites of the species Sarcoptes scabiei var. hominis burrow into the human skin. Their presence and moment beneath the skin surface causes troubling and relentless itching.

How to prevent scabies?

For the individuals who are suffering from scabies, it is advised to prevent skin-to-skin contact with others as far as possible. Reason being, these mites spread easily when an infected person gets in contact with a healthy body. Thus, prevention can be accomplished by avoiding direct skin contact to avoid the transmission of mites.

The best way would be avoiding prolonged direct contact with people with active scabies infestation. Here it is worth noticing that minor shaking hands or giving a hug may not transfer the mites, but holding hands or sexual intercourse certainly makes you susceptible to the disease. Along this, it is recommended to avoid contact with clothing, bedding, and even the furniture which has been used by the infested person.

Besides, if someone in your home or neighbourhood has scabies, it is vital to take necessary measures to prevent it from spreading. Checkout some unexpected ways to keep this contagious skin

Isolation is better: It is better for the patient to stay in one area of the home. As the scabies mites don’t fly or jump, but these can survive off their host easily for 4 to 7 days. Hence, if the diseased move around, use other furniture, and other materials in the house, it increases the risk of infection for others. Try to confine in one room to isolate the infestation.

Treatment for all:  It would be best to treat every member of your house at once. In several cases, it has been found that scabies infestation usually reoccurs when the people who have unknowingly contracted the mites are left untreated. Thus, it will be better that everyone in the household is treated, including the pets.

Disinfection is must:  From all clothes, linens, to the furniture present in the home, it is important to disinfect everything. To start with the treatment, wash all the fabrics in your home immediately at high temperature. Ensure you add all clothes used by infested person, including towels, bed sheets and other fabric materials are thoroughly washed. You must use hot soapy water and the hottest dryer cycle available.

For the furniture and other items, which cannot be washed, you can enclose them in plastic bags and seal tightly, at least for a few days.

Vacuum will help: Now for the left over stuff such as carpets and rugs, you can plan for vacuuming. Alternatively, you can use bleach and hot water to clean other surfaces.

Safer treatment: While there is no dearth of scabies treatment these days, but it is worth noticing here that you need to choose a safe option. Generally, the available solutions consist of Permethrin which is not at all recommended.

Instead, you can go for Dr. Scabies. Being a homeopathic treatment, this cream consists of sulfur and other natural ingredients which are safe on skin and harsh on mites. You can buy it online or from any medical store. It is easily available over the counter and you don’t need a medical prescription for it.

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