6 Common Mistakes Most Scabies Patients Make

Making these mistakes not only aggravate your scabies, but also spreads the infestation.

Being a scabies patients, you should be extremely careful while making physical contacts or using household items. Some precautions from your side help prevent the infestation of scabies. It also benefits your healing. After all, who can understand better than you how scabies affect the life?

Here we have listed common mistakes after surveying some hundreds of scabies patients. Read them and make sure you are not committing them.

Making a Prolonged Skin Contact with Others:

This is a top reason behind the scabies infestation. While a brief contact of skin like handshake is okay, prolonged skin contacts are not advised.

May be you are hugging your beloved ones. And it is a big no to have a physical intimacy or sexual intercourse while you have scabies. The mites from your skin will be transferred to the other through a direct and prolong physical contact. No wonder that a person who you share with physical contact has also scabies after some days.

Therefore, avoid physical contact as possible unless you overcome the condition.

Sharing Your Belongings with Others:

The mites can be on your towel, bedding and clothes. By giving them to the others, you are just making them prone to the infection (by unintentionally).

Make sure to get your clothes washed separately using the hottest water as possible. As scabies mites won’t survive longer than a couple of days, seal the items in a drawer or plastic bags for a weak.

Not Seeing the Doctor:

Some signs of scabies are treated with OTC creams. But that shouldn’t be a reason to avoid scabies treatment. Sometimes, the symptoms are so aggravated that they are beyond the control of OTC medication. May be (god forbid) you get a worse type of scabies on not getting the treatment on time. The point is clear— make sure to see your doctor if there is no improvement in your condition with OTC medication.

Not Disinfecting the Household Items like Rugs and Furniture:

Scabies mites may be residing over the household items like rugs, couches, box springs and furniture. It goes without saying that they should be disinfected. Spray disinfectant like Dr. Repellent on the surfaces of furniture and open spaces. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the home. Repeat the process every two weeks until the scabies infestation is gone as confirmed by the doctor.

Not Encouraging the Household Members to See a Doctor:

Did you know? A health person can experience the symptoms after several weeks once the mites settle over his skin. Simply put, they may never know that they already catch the infection until they see the symptoms. This is why all of your household members should be diagnosed for scabies.

Not Using the Medications as Per Guidelines:

Scabies medications also come with precautions. They are not meant to be used as your ordinary skincare cream. Not following the instructions can make medication inefficient; even worse, it may aggravate your condition. If you are using a scabies cream, make sure to wash your skin first. Apply as per the instructions given on the pack. However, prescription drugs may come with a specific instructions set by your doctor according to your condition. Continue the treatment as required by your physician.

Bottom Line:

So, these are the mistakes scabies patients avoid. This way, as we have said before, they not only help themselves with healing, but also prevent the infestation. One more thing—stay positive throughout the treatment.

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