6 Facts About Scabies That Will Help You Understand The Disease Better

Being a very unpleasant skin disease, scabies is caused by an eight legged mites and if often linked with intense itching. However, there is a lot more you need to learn about this contagious skin infestation. Check out here.

6 Facts About Scabies That Will Help You Understand The Disease Better

There are millions of organisms existing on this planet. While some are big, others are small, but each plays a vital role in the planet’s diversity. But not all are good for human being. There are some bugs and mites which can cause severe problems. Scabies mites are among the same, as when they infest a healthy human body, they can cause itching, rashes, and much more.

Below are listed 6 major facts you must know about this skin problem;

Pathogenesis: It is the female mite which leads to formation of burrows beneath your skin surface. These burrows can traverse the keratin layer and the female itch gets along the end of the tunnel. Not only this, it is the same path where the itch mite lays its eggs here. When these egg hatch and develop to form larvae, it can move and affect the other parts of the body too. Hence, causing severe inflammation!

Transmission: The disease generally gets transmitted through direct contact. This means that if a healthy human body comes in contact with a scabies infested person, these mites can easily transfer. It occurs due to prolonged contact like shaking hands for long time or sleeping closer for longer period.

Besides, there are good chances that one gets affected by this disease due to exposure to anything which was earlier used by a diseased. It can be due to sharing clothes, bedding, towel, and so on, of an affected person.

Symptoms: If you ask about the most common symptom to help recognize the disease, it is none other than itching. And this itching sensation increases during the night time. Reason being, these mites are most active during the night time. Also, there are other symptoms such as rashes, blisters, sores, burrows, etc.

Initially, it might start out as itch on the skin. Later, there can be formation of pimple-like rashes. These signs are similar to many skin problems like rosacea and acne. But you can still differentiate them. How? The rashes that come with scabies generally occur in numerous parts, not merely on your face. In fact, scabies rash are common in warm areas and can even occur in the genital areas. Later, the formation of pencil-like ‘burrows’ can be found which clearly indicates the presence of scabies mites.

Diagnosis: When it comes to diagnosis, the experts initiate by checking for the presence of allergic reactions and other dermatologic diseases. It is the presence of burrows which makes the doctor detect the cause of problems, the mites present under the skin. The skin sample is tested and examined for the presence of mites and eggs through different tests.

Treatment: When it comes to treatment for scabies, it is recommended to start with the one immediately after it has been identified. Usually the medicines advised include those which can be directly applied on to the skin. You can count on Dr. Scabies.  It is one of the best solutions which treat your skin completely, healing it from inside and outside. Being rich is sulfur and other natural ingredients it kills both, eggs and mites.

Re-infestation: The biggest problem with scabies is that it brings forth greater chances of recurrence. Yes, it is popularly known as seven year itch and can occur again easily. Hence, it is important to follow proper instructions even you get free from these mites.

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