6 Things to Keep in Mind to Prevent Jock Itch at Home

Know here the steps you need to follow to treat and prevent jock itch.

Life with jock itch is not easy and comfortable. It is contagious diseases which is characterized with itchy, red and ring shaped rashes in groin area. It is also known as the Ringworm of Groin due to the same symptoms. But good thing is that it is treatable with self-care. So, follow these points given below to treat and prevent jock itch at home.

Jock Itch Natural Treatment

Keep Yourself Dry:

Fungal infection is responsible for jock itch which thrives in moist areas of the skin like groin and genital. Therefore, you must keep your groin area dry. After shower and your workout, pats dry these areas with a clean towel. You can sprinkle talcum powder around your groin area to prevent the moisture.

Wear Loose and Clean Garments:

Make sure to change your under garments daily to prevent the occurring of jock itch. Apart from that, minimize the use of tight clothes as they can irritate and rub your skin. Besides, they are uncomfortable and make you sweat heavily during hot weather. Wearing certain fabrics like wool, spandex, polyster, rayon and acrylic can worse your skin condition as they are close to the skin.

Avoid Touching Infected Area:

Avoid touching infected area as the infection may pass on to other parts of the body or even other people. Besides, don’t scratch as it worse your wound and affect the healing process. You must wash your hands before and after touching your infected area while applying medication.

Avoid giving any personal items, such as clothing or a hairbrush, to other people.

Don’t Share Your Personal Items:

 Avoid sharing your belongings like bedding, towel, hairbrush and shoes with others, even if you don’t have fungal infection. You must know that fungal infection is communicable and spread through even sharing personal belongings.

Treat Your Athlete’s Foot:

You must take care of your athlete’s foot before it spread to the groin. Keep your footwear on while walking on the gym floor or public areas. Besides, keep your feet clean and dry. Don’t share your shoes and socks with other.

Apply Topical Antifungal Cream:

Use antifungal cream like Dr. Scabies to treat the symptoms of jock itch in earlier stages.

With these simple precautions, you can treat jock itch at home and minimize the chances of its coming back. However, see your physician if there is no improvement or the symptoms are getting worse.

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The active ingredients of Dr. Scabies Treatment formulas are officially monographed in the "Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of The United States."