6 Ways to Treat Chigger Bites at Home

Those very small, six legged red mites which are usually found in weeds, tall grass and berry patches, causes chiggers. Once this mite bites you, it leads to severe itching and the chiggers get attached to the skin, developing reddish bumpy rashes and pimples. Learn how to treat them at home. 


Image Courtesy: Getridofmosquitobites.com

Chiggers – they are called by various names, harvest mite, the red bug, and so on. It looks like a monster from dinosaur days with rounded body. While the larvae have only six legs, the adults have eight. Usually, these mites are found in three sizes. Since the chigger is really small, it is difficult to see a chigger bite. However, the after affects are much easier visible. And once the bite becomes noticeable, in a short period of time, symptoms like red spot and blister will turn very soon.  

So, when you observe these, you can try these home remedies;

Aspirin: You might be having those aspirin tablets in your wardrobe. The anti-inflammatory properties of this medicine are what really work in treating severe chigger bites. Not only it prevents itching, but also prevents swelling. Just crush some aspirin tables and form a smooth powder. Blend it with water to form a paste and apply directly on the skin. Leave it to dry and wash later with cold water.

Oatmeal: This healthy breakfast option is known to neutralize allergic reactions caused by the bites. The process is quite simple; set up some cooked oatmeal and wait for it to cool. Now gradually rub this on the affected part of the skin. It really works!

Listerine Mouthwash: The easily available Listerine mouthwash carries ingredients which are anti-fungal and anti-itch. Moreover, menthol in this comes with cooling effect. Hence, it works greatly for the chigger bites. All you need to do is wash up the area affected by bites from the bug. Pat it dry and then with help of soaked cotton ball in the mouth wash rub the area. It will provide instant relief from the bites.

Tea Bags: Just fetch a tea bag form your kitchen as it carries anti-inflammatory elements such as tannic acid. Thus, it serves to be a great itching suppressant. Tea bags are helpful in controlling the pain caused by the bites and reduce inflammation. In addition, you can use it to prevent the bite marks from turning into scars. So, dip a tea bag in and refrigerate it for a while. Keep it on the affected area and repeat whenever needed.

Epsom Salt:

For years, it has been a quick remedy for relieving chigger bites. While it helps in preventing swelling, it is one of the fastest acting remedy for the bug bites. Also it is easy to use. You need to dissolve a tablespoon of the salt in a cup of water. Then apply it at the point of the bites. You can leave it on for great results.

Rubbing Alcohol

If you are looking for something which offers cooling effect, this can work as an antiseptic. It ensures relieving you from the chigger bites, and also reducing inflammation. It restricts the histamine action on the area, thus reducing the chances of swelling. The astringent effects help get rid of itching and s reduces pain. With cotton ball dabbed in some alcohol, apply it on the area and leave it on.

In case, the irritation and other symptoms still persist, don’t delay. Consult your physician as soon as possible.

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