7 Preventive tips to keep scabies at bay

Dealing with itching which gets severe at night? Just found some irregular burrow tracks? Spotted few tiny blisters and bumps on your skin?

These signs are indicating toward the itchy skin condition, Scabies, which is caused by a tiny burrowing mite called Sarcoptes scabiei. Being highly contagious skin infestation, it can easily spread quickly through close physical contact. Yes, if someone in the family, school class, child care group, or at nursing home is suspecting this skin problem, anyone coming into direct skin contact with them can get infested too.

As far as treating scabies is concerned, you need to look for a treatment which is safe on skin and efficient enough to get rid of mites. Simply order Dr. Scabies, a complete set of treatment for this skin infestation which is natural and safe. Basically, it is a homeopathic remedy which consists of sulfur and several other natural ingredients. Proper usage will help eradicating mites and their eggs completely.

While treating scabies is one part, the other important thing you need to know is how to prevent it from spreading. Checkout some simple tips here:

  1. Avoid skin-to-skin contact: Certainly, it is easy to say but hard to do. For the infected person it can be quite challenging to stay from the near and dear ones. Especially, if it is your baby or a young child, you might not be able to avoid the contact completely. However, you need to prevent it as far as possible to avoid spreading of this contagious skin disease. Coming into close and prolonged contact with them, such as while carrying, rocking them to sleep, or bathing, can lead to spread easily.
  2. Restrict your movement: For the patient, it is advised to stay in one area of the home. If you don’t move around much, you simple reduce the chance of transferring the mites to other stuff like the furniture, curtains, towels, and much more. Just try to confine yourself in one room and you will be able to isolate the infestation.
  3. Treat everyone at the place: Whether it is your home or workplace, all members have to be treated at once. As scabies infestation usually reoccurs, make sure that everyone is treated, including the pets. Certainly, dogs and cats are affected by a species of mites which is different from that affecting human. But these can still contract human scabies and cause skin reaction.
  4. Disinfect everything: From all the clothes to the linens, wash all the fabrics in your home immediately. The day you start treatment you need to ensure that not even a single mite survives. Else, you can get scabies again. Hence, for all those attires, bed sheets, towels, and comforters, used by the patient, use hot soapy water to clean them. Put them on the hottest dryer cycle available.
  5. Vacuum your space: Similarly, for the furniture and other items, which you cannot wash, try to enclose them in plastic bags and seal tightly. As these mites can survive off their host for a few days only, it will help killing them off. For the carpets and rugs, use your vacuum cleaner and discard the vacuum bag once you’re done.
  6. No scratching: Yes, it can lead to worsening of your skin condition. So, do not scratch if you don’t want mites to transfer to the uninfected parts of your body. Use some OTC solutions for relief from itching.
  7. Have a healthy diet: Try to add in more anti-inflammatory foods which will provide relief from itching, swelling and discomfort. So you can consume healthy food like beets, wild Alaskan salmon, leafy greens, homemade bone broth, coconut oil, walnuts and blueberries.

So, if someone in your home or surrounding has scabies, take these necessary measures to prevent it from spreading. Stay healthy and safe!

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