8 Important Questions to Ask About Ringworms

Is ringworm an infectious disease? How I should treat ringworm? How to identify the sign of ringworm? Here we have answered such most asked questions about ringworm.

8 Important Questions to Ask About Ringworms

What is Ringworm?

Ringworm, also termed as tinea, is a common fungal infection characterized by crusted and circular red patches on the skin.

Is Ringworm an Infectious Disease?

Yes, ringworm is highly contagious disease you catch from an infected person by using his belonging or bedding. You are also prone to ringworm if you are touching or stroking infected pets. While ringworm affects people of all ages, children are more vulnerable to this skin condition.

What Cause Ringworm?

Ringworm is not caused by the worms. Instead, fungi are the key factor behind its occurrence. Fungi, which reside on the outer skin layer, are present everywhere and thrive in moist and warm areas like pools and even in your skin folds.

You have more chances to get ringworm if your immune system is weak or you have a history of getting fungal infections. Other health conditions like diabetes and cancer affect your immunity, increases the risk of fungal infection for you.

Besides, wearing tight fitting clothes, wet clothes or moist skin for longer provide favorable environment for fungi, causing ringworm.

How to Tell If I Have Ringworm?

The primary symptoms of ringworm are circular patches on your skin which are red and crusty. These patches couple with intense itching. In some cases, the rings merge together to form blisters or fluid filled sores around.

Where Ringworm’s Signs Occur on the Body?

Ringworm can develop anywhere on the body. They can be on the face, chest, arms, groin and inner thighs. In rare cases, they occur on the fingernails.

Can I Treat Ringworm Myself at Home?

You can treat ringworm as long as they are mild. There are many topical medications you can use to treat ringworm at home. Generally, ringworm is resolved within two weeks with OTC medications.

When I Need Medical Assistance to Treat Ringworm?

You should see your physician as soon as possible if ringworm is beyond your control. Here are the common signs you must seek medical assistance for your ringworms.

  • If you notice the symptoms on scalp
  • No improvement with home treatments or OTC creams
  • You have already other health condition or you are taking medical prescription that affects your immune system.
  • Intense pain, discomfort, heat and itching.
  • Red streaks developing from the area.
  • Puss or fluid discharge.
  • Having fever of 100 F or higher.

If there is improvement in your condition, you may not require a visit to doctor. However, you should watch for these signs and always follow the guidelines to avoid issues. Remember, you should get your severe or prolonged infected treated from a doctor.

How Doctor Treat Your Ringworm?

A physician assesses your skin condition to determine the severity of the case. In case of mild symptoms, he prescribes you common topical medications. If the condition is severe, he usually expands the prescription with antifungal tablets, antifungal shampoos, and lotions.

What Precautions Should I Take to Prevent Ringworm?

As this is infectious skin condition, you should take care of your skin and other things so that you overcome soon.

  • Avoid using infected person’s clothing and bedding
  • Wash your clothes
  • Consider changing your damp clothes to avoid fungi thriving
  • Wash your skin before topical medications
  • Keep your skin dry and clean
  • Practice personal hygiene
  • Wear loose clothes to let the area breathe
  • Don’t wear moist clothing
  • Avoid scratching or picking the crusted skin as it can aggravate the problem
  • Follow clinical guidelines

Last Word:

We hope that this piece of information have cleared your doubts about ringworms. To prevent ringworm, you should maintain personal hygiene and use topical ointment when it is in mild stages.

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