A Different Type Of Lice Which Lead To Scabies

Lice are tiny parasites visible to the naked eye that survive by feeding on the blood of the host. The scabies mites are much worse in comparison to lice, and can be considered as a form of microscopic lice.

Lice and Scabies are both parasites that survive on the human body, but are not related to each other at all. The safest method to prevent lice from spreading is by avoiding the scarves, hats, combs and clothes of other people.

If there is awareness of an infected person, physical contact should be restricted.

Once a single member of the family gets infected, it is important that all members of the household are treated for it. If your child has lice, it is your duty to keep the school authorities or the day care informed.

1. Lice

Lice never cause any serious medical complications, but can be very irritating and embarrassing in public. Lice can be of three types and can be commonly found in people who live and work in close proximity.

These types include:

  • Head louse(Pediculus humanus capitis)
  • Body louse (Pediculus humanus corporis)
  • Pubic louse (Pthirus pubis)

2. Sarcoptes Scabiei Var. Hominis

Scabies is caused by the presence of these mites in the body of the host. The most prominent symptom of scabies is the terrible itch, which is caused by the burrowing of the female mites under the skin to lay eggs.

3. Treatment for Scabies

Treatment for Scabies and Lice is completely different. The Scabies infection is often best treated by Dr.Scabies, a natural product with an active sulfur component. Lice is often treated by use of over the counter insecticides.

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