A Quick Guide About Mosquito Bites

Did you know about 20% of the world’s population is prone to mosquito bites?

You love rain but there is another living being who loves rain equally. They are mosquitoes. Mosquitoes love rainy seasons and more than that they love to feed the human blood. So, as soon as you start to enjoy the first rain of the season, all your happiness turns into sorrow once you get attacked by mosquitoes. 

Mosquito Sucking Human Blood

Mosquitoes are spread everywhere and it becomes a huge challenge to prevent those bites without any application of topical agents. The mosquito bites are more annoying than scratching or itching and sometimes it takes a form of the bulge which not only irritates but also pains a lot.

Who is more prone to mosquito bites?

•  It is said that there are about 85% of humans who secrete a hormone that gives away their blood type and remaining 15% do not secrete any such hormone. And mosquitoes are found to be more attracted to the secretors than the non-secretors. 

•  People with Type O blood are more likely to get a bite from mosquitoes followed by Type B and Type A.

•  Carbon Dioxide is one of the ways through which mosquitoes detect their target. Mosquitoes are capable to sense carbon dioxide up to 160 feet away; so the more one exhales, the more attractive they become to mosquitoes. This is the reason why you are always irritated with buzzing sound of mosquitoes because humans release carbon dioxide from nose and mouth; hence they are attracted towards our heads and ears.

•  A pregnant woman will never wish to get a bite from a mosquito but unfortunately, Pregnancy attracts myriads of mosquitoes. The reason behind this is that a would-be-mother exhale 21% more carbon dioxide and is on average 1.26 degrees Fahrenheit warmer around the belly than their non-pregnant counterparts. So, a pregnant woman is always at a higher risk to get mosquito bite than any other man or woman. A study in Africa found that pregnant women are twice as attractive to malaria-carrying mosquitoes as non-pregnant women.

•  Not only have you, even mosquitoes loved the taste of beer. So as soon as the beer gets mixed with your blood, it becomes a delicious drink for mosquitoes and it highly attracts them. A study revealed that Just 12 ounces of beer increase your mosquito appeal, possibly because of the increase in body temperature. 

•  How do mosquitoes detect their target? They actually use their eyes to target victims. The two factors on which mosquito bite depends are sight and smell. Mosquitoes are highly visual, so you will observe when you wear dark colors like navy and black or red, you will have higher changes to get bitten by a mosquito. 

So, if you are a magnet for mosquitoes, be careful and try to take as many precautions as possible as per the points mentioned in the article. A mosquito bite not just lead to itching, it can also cause some severe diseases, and hence it is advised to cure it at earliest stage by application of product like Dr. Scabies.


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