A Simple 4 Step Guide to Treating Scabies

Scabies mites show strong resilience to common creams and lotions because it’s beneath first layer of skin and lotions barely make contact with them. The eggs and the mites need to be eliminated for complete recovery. However, it’s always difficult to confirm whether all the mites and entire network of nests carrying eggs have been terminated or not. The infested person can only wait for reappearance of symptoms. Usually, the symptoms would reappear without a couple of weeks in case some of the mites or eggs or both managed to escape impact of insecticides.

Reappearance of symptoms is common and it can be attributed to various reasons from not following guidelines for application of insecticides to not washing bed-sheets or cloths. Therefore, it’s quite critical for complete cure to know about the remedies in detailed.


There are a limited range of insecticides that have reported successful cure for scabies. These insecticides are prescribed with guidelines to be followed very strictly.


First choice against scabies is use of permethrin even if you are using some other insecticides. Mostly, permethrin works expect in some cases where the infested person is allergic to it. Permethrin doesn’t require doctor’s prescription and is available over-the counter. You might also find it on eBay, online shopping store but not all e-commerce sites. It doesn’t matter whether you buy it on doctor’s prescription or without it; permethrin comes with the same formula.

Permethrin would require repeated applications strictly in accordance with the guidelines given by doctor or on the packaging. It must be applied using a brush instead of cotton or anything soft. It must reach beneath the skin to make contact with the mites and their eggs in order to terminate them.


Ivermectin is another insecticide similar to permethrin. It’s the second choice of doctors in case permethrin doesn’t work or the infested person is allergic to permethrin. When ingested it spreads to the skin where the mites consumer it and die in their burrows. As an advantage over other insecticides, Ivermectin has a very low level of human toxicity and boasts high success rates.

Ivermectin can spread on entire skin surface and that makes it an excellent weapon against mites. The mites have tendency to move from one part of the body to other and some mites might escape the treated area and survive.

Ivermectin can be obtain on prescription from doctor, but is also available over the counter. Ivermectin is also used to treat animals for parasites, worms and mange. However, be careful while buying one over the counter because it comes with different names and all the names are not brand.

Malathion as an alternate insecticide

Another alternate insecticide to try is malathion. It’s also similar to Ivermectin and permethrin and mostly prescribed if the infested person is allergic to former two insecticides. 

Complete mite termination from living space

The mite can survive for a couple of days hiding in your bedding, cloths, belongings, waiting for a host body. It can spread to other members of the family as well. So, once you are infested with scabies, you would have to clean and disinfect entire house and belongings to prevent reappearance and spread of scabies mite.

Above mentioned treatments can completely terminate mite infestation within a month. The symptoms might take longer to disappear. But in people with weak immunity system, these treatments might not prove sufficient.

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