All About Warts

Warts come into existence as soon as the skin comes in contact with Human Papillomavirus (HPV) infection. You will never conclude you have warts until they attack the bottom of the feet because when they take birth at the bottom of the feet, pain is also accompanied with it. As per the statistics, 7-10% of the general population suffers from warts. Apart from causing pain, warts also act as a source of embarrassment and affect your confidence and self-esteem.


Warts are ugly and annoying but they are harmless. A myriad of treatments are available that accelerate the healing process, but they do not work always. Note that most of the warts disappear on its own in 1 to 5 years without seeking any medical attention, but it is highly advisable to get a treatment for warts that large in number or are in sensitive areas.

 The most common way to get warts is direct skin-to-skin contact, such as shaking hands with someone who has warts on their hand. You can also get the virus causing warts from inanimate objects, like towels that have been used by someone with a wart.

Many risk factors are involved when warts are taken into consideration. Some of them are as follows:

  1. A weak immune system- There are quite high chances to be attacked by warts if you have got a weak immune system. There are various reasons for an immune system to turn weak. The most important and worrisome reason is HIV infection. A person with HIV infection weakens his immune system and thereby chances of occurrence of warts increases. Some other reasons that contribute to weakening your immune system are suppressible drugs, lack of sleep, stress, etc.


  2. Wearing tight clothes- Sweat attracts warts, so it is advised to stay away from sweat as much as possible. Wearing tight clothes paves way for sweaty feet and further, sweat opens up the door for warts to invade your skin. Hence, try wearing loose clothing.


  3. No share if you care- As mentioned above, warts are passed from one person to another when the skin comes in contact with each other. For example, shaking hands, etc. Apart from this, other reasons that provoke warts are sharing towels, razors and other personal items with the infected person. Hence, it is highly advisable not to share any such personal items with anyone.


  4. Moisture- Your chances of getting warts increase if you are barefoot and get exposed to some moist surface such as public showers, swimming pool areas, and locker rooms, etc.


  5. Biting Nails- When your mom or grandma used to forbid you to bite your nails incessantly, they were absolutely right. Biting nails is not just a bad habit; it also increases the chances of warts to occur on your skin.

The most important precautions to prevent skin warts are to avoid coming in contact with the virus: Note the following points to stay away from warts:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly and regularly.
  • Make sure to clean the equipment before its use if you work out the gym. Use a clean cloth to clean that equipment.
  • Always wear rubber flip-flops in shower or gym’s locker room to protect you from warts.

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