All you needed to know about Crusted scabies or Norwegian scabies

Scabies is a common disease that affects millions of people globally. There is no particular race or social strata that get more affected than the other.  

Scabies is an infestation of the skin that is caused by the Scabies mite.  Scabies infection is spread by direct skin to skin contact. WHO estimates that there are more than 300 million cases of Scabies all over the world each year! Norwegian or crusted scabies is an extreme infestation of the bug.

Read ahead to learn more about this nasty form of Scabies infection:

1. The Symptoms

People infected with Norwegian scabies display a thick crust on their skin. This crust actually is home to millions of mites and their eggs. The crusted type of Scabies does not itch as much as the normal scabies.

2. How Does It Spread?

Crusted Scabies is spread by direct contact with the skin of the infected patient. It can also spread by way of the clothing, bedding and furniture of the infected person.

3. Whom Does It Infect?

Crusted scabies is found in people who have weak immune systems (no matter what the underlying reason), in the elderly and those who are infirm. The defense mechanism of the human body is unable to ward off the attack of the mites and allows the mites to multiply inside the body of the host.

4. How Is It Treated?

Once Scabies is confirmed, immediate attention is required on behalf of the infected person. A doctor should be consulted if the situation appears serious. He might suggest a treatment based on Permethrin if he doesn’t know that such creams are no longer recommended due to their harmful effects. Another very useful natural product available in the market is Dr. Scabies. It is known to provide relief in a very short span of time and involves no side effects.

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