Aloe Vera Offers a Wealth of Benefits for the skin

Aloe Vera Offers a Wealth of Benefits for the skin

That humble-looking plant in your garden might not be that appealing to by its appearance, but do you know how useful it can be. What makes aloe vera so amazing? Well, the answer is in the goodness it carries inside its fleshy leaves. It consists of wealth of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, active enzymes, and amino acids, which comes packed into this single plant.

You might be aware of the aloe vera’s soothing and healing capacities. Nowadays a number of families keep an aloe plant in their kitchen for various purposes. It can be used to quickly heal the minor burns from cooking and all other sort of minor wounds. But that’s not enough! Nearly every drug store today contains some or the other product containing aloe vera, isn’t. All this because of its ability to soothe and speed up the healing process!

Thought it is believed the plant, aloe vera first came from Northern Africa yet the first documentation of the medicinal use was found in the ancient Egyptian Papyrus. This succulent plant is now used across the globe more than an ornamental plant, as a healing medicine. Learn here how you can use it to benefit your skin:

A Humectant:

Basically, it is one of the categories of moisturizers, which work by drawing water to the skin. Also it is known to bind the water to your skin cells and tissues. Hence, it increases hydration when applied and make it softer. Also, it is the most inexpensive and accessible humectant ingredient which helps improve the appearance of lines significantly.

Anti-fungal, Antimicrobial, and Anti-inflammatory:

Saying that aloe is a full proof solution for your skin problems will not be wrong. It is a great treatment for minor burns, scrapes, and for fungal infections and bacterial infections too. Using it regularly soothe irritation, heal inflammation, and reduces fungus and bacteria. It simply seals and protects the area, where it is applied.

An Emollient:

Well, this one is another category of moisturizers. And it prevents loss of moisture and works by staying on the surface of the skin. Hence, if you want your skin to appear soft and get rid of those fine lines, you can count on this magical plant with soothing properties. Do you know it is one of the few emollients which are not fatty? Yes, it is lightweight and traps in moisture for oily skin.

The Internal Benefits:

Besides being a good moisturizer and skin healer, aloe vera is widely used in health food stores as an internal supplement. You will easily find bottles of pure aloe vera gel, aloe vera juices and much more. Moreover, it is widely used in detoxification formulas and programs. This clearly indicated that when taken internally, aloe serves as a great benefit. Check some of the advantages here:

  • It is widely available source of several vitamins and minerals, which lead to healthy cell growth in humans.


  • It consists of a good amount of antioxidants, which makes it perfect to fight against free radical damages.


  • It offers your body multiple enzymes that are greatly helpful to aid the process of digestion.


  • The presence of plant sterols helps in preventing over-acidity and soothes the digestive tract.


  • It reasonably reduces inflammation and prevents Candida overgrowth.


  • It boosts the body’s natural wound healing process.


  • Assist in detoxification to keep the colon clean and regular.

It is surely one of the easiest houseplants to grow. Just a little care is needed; occasional watering, warm conditions and a bit of fertilization now and then. Hence, you need to put little efforts and you have this highly useful plant in your home. Open yourself to a wealth of medicinal use with the aloe plant today!

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