An Eating to Curb Eating! 7 Foods That Control Your HUNGER


Summary: Explore here the food that make you full and satisfied besides providing essential nutrients to your body. Wait no more, check out what make our list of hunger suppressing food.

An Eating to Curb Eating! 7 Foods That Control Your HUNGER

For a diet conscious person, hunger is the biggest foe. But it’s equally true that they experience an ongoing hunger in spite of their resolution to cutting on everything. For those folks, we’ve compiled the list of foods that curb your appetite and make you fuller.


Having eggs in your breakfast will suppress your appetite until lunch. A study shows that adding protein of in between 30 to 39 grams to your breakfast put a check on raging appetite and makes you feel full for between breakfast and lunch.

Sipping on soup can suppress your craving for food. Since its main component is water (broth) which keeps you hydrates, thereby filling you up. Generally, soups are prepared from veggies, which keep you full longer with their fiber content. For making it even beneficial, you can add lean meats and beans. But you must steer away from creamy ones if you don’t want to put pounds on.


Apple is counted among one of the effective hunger suppressing foods as they are high on fiber. The same fiber control your appetite as it expands in your bellies so it makes you to take less consumption. Besides, apples are the rich source of the natural sugars which keeps your blood sugar level in balance. Consequently, you stop craving for more carbs. A 2003 research held in Brazil discovered that keeping apple in your diet can reduce the weight faster than those don’t eat.


Besides being loaded with fibers, oatmeal is the good source of carbs that take time in burning and therefore suppress your appetite. Oatmeal is also low on GI Index which keeps hunger triggering blood sugar level in check. Taking oatmeal containing almond milk and apples slices is the great choice for hunger suppression. But red flag is that you must avoid oatmeal topped with brown sugar or maple syrup which may induce your blood sugar spike thus leaving you hungry before lunch. So, start your day with oatmeal with some flaxseed on the top.


You can resort to the glass of water in your hunger time if nothing is found! Drinking water while you’re hungry makes your brain thinking that your stomach is full. You can add flavor to the plain water by stewing some ginger (good for digestion) in it. Plus, adding lemon drops make it more interesting to drink.

You can swear on many health benefits associated with this superfood. Besides being rich in potassium, they are loaded with soluble fiber keeping you full.

Dark Chocolate:

We know you all are waiting for that! Without being finicky, you like to have some dark chocolates without giving a damn care that it can suppress your hunger. The bittersweet flavor and antioxidants makes a stick of dark chocolate to curb your hunger. 

If you are still find it difficult to suppress the hunger during particular times of the day, such as mid-morning or mid-afternoon, consider the food rich in fibers.


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The active ingredients of Dr. Scabies Treatment formulas are officially monographed in the "Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of The United States."