Application of the Furniture Spray

Scabies is an intensely pruritic skin infestation caused by the mite Sarcoptes ‘scabiei hominis’. It is a very common disease and affected people of all ages. Around 300 million cases of scabies are reported worldwide each year.

It is an itchy, contagious disease, which spreads easily from person to person. The mites pass on to others via direct contact such as sleeping, shaking hands or touching someone’s skin. Secondly, these can also spread by sharing clothing, furniture, personal items or getting in touch with other surfaces, being used by the infected person. Thus, paying attention to the cleaning of surroundings is equally important.

Dr. Repellent furniture spray serves as a one stop solution. It disinfects your furniture, clothing and all other surfaces thoroughly!

How often Dr. Repellent spray should be used to keep the mites away?

This exclusive natural insect spray is a perfect blend of sulphur and 100% natural oils. The dual action of this amazing spray makes it an ideal solution to powerfully repel and eliminate the harmful parasitic insects.  

The solution is available in lightweight and recyclable bottle. It can be easily sprayed throughout the house, including upholstered furniture, clothing, various surfaces and open spaces.

Dr. Repellent is there to make the process of disinfecting your surroundings effortless. Once applied to the surfaces, it works up to 3 hours. If needed, the process can be repeated.

Where to use Dr. Repellent?

It is now used worldwide as a repellent and furniture spray. The insecticidal properties wards off the mites and other insects at a faster rate, keeping your surroundings clean and disinfected.

  • It is beneficial to use this spray for the clothes, towels, blankets, bed sheets and other items, which are used by the infected person.

  • For a perfect clean up, it must be used for beddings, chairs, table surfaces, mattresses, couches, toilet seats, tubs, sinks, faucets and all other surfaces that come in contact with the diseased.

Dr. Repellent constitutes of oils calms, giving it a natural scent that refreshes and relieves your surroundings. Using this non-toxic and eco-friendly anti mites is just a brilliant idea!

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