Are Cases Of Scabies Often Misdiagnosed?

Scabies is often misdiagnosed because the early symptoms resemble a host of other skin diseases. But getting the symptoms examined by an experienced doctor will help in timely diagnosis and treatment of scabies.

The first symptoms of Scabies only appear after 4 to 6 weeks.

The first signs can easily be mistaken for an insect bite or pimple. But over a few weeks, the rash becomes more prominent and the itching goes from bad to worse. A doctor who saw the patient in the early stages might diagnose him for a totally different infection.

1. Problems in Right Detection

Since the symptoms appear over night, a patient also gets confused about the origin of the infection. However, a well experienced doctor will be able to detect the signs of Scabies by looking closely for the burrows that appear as lines.

The typical scabies rashes appear and zig-zag red and grey lines.

2. Delayed Treatment

The common problem that patients face is the delay in the right treatment that gives an opportunity to the mites to spread further and infect all members of the household. Once the right treatment is chosen in a few weeks the infection can be eradicated.

3. The Scabies Mite

The Sarcoptes scabiei can also infect dogs and sheep and other domesticated animals. The Human Scabies is invisible and can only be seen under a microscope. Often, a doctor will scrape some skin and study it under the microscope for mites.

4. Go for Dr. Scabies

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