Are “Hives” A Side Effect Of Using Permethrin Cream?

Urtica is the Greek name for Hives, which literally means a skin rash that causes an intense burning sensation.

Hives is an extreme allergic reaction sometimes seen in patients using permethrin based creams for treating Scabies. The common symptoms of hives are a pale red rash, itching, burning sensation and bumps. This rash can last up to six weeks and cause extreme discomfort to a patient. Most patients who have a weak immune system like children and elderly report of this condition.

How do hives appear and are they really a side effect of using Permethrin? Let’s find out in the following –

The Skin Reaction

An individual who is allergic to permethrin will display the symptoms of the allergy immediately after application of the cream. It starts with a burning sensation, which gets extremely intense in the areas where mites are most present. The skin becomes very red, swollen, and the patient feels intense itching that can sometimes be unbearable.

Severe Reactions

Certain cases have shown extreme symptoms of changes in the neurological system and sensations that are unusual in a normal person. The discomfort does not stop here. It is followed by tingling sensation in the body and dizziness. Many people will have an upset stomach and also resort to vomiting.

Research Well And Then Decide

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