Are Pimple Sized Red, Painful Dots, Symptoms Of Scabies?

Scabies in its early stages might be mistaken for a different skin condition. So, it’s important that you educate yourself well in advance. Do not confuse it with other infections and skin diseases. Many people do that.

The first symptoms of Scabies might appear as painful, red dots that resemble pimples. The image might even look similar to an insect bite or acne.

But, the intense itching is what sets Scabies apart from other common skin infections. The itching is unbearable in children and the elderly. Even a physically strong person may feel like shrieking out loud due to the irritating itching sensations.

But, keep in mind that not all red dots or itching sensations signal the arrival of scabies infection.

Red itchy bumps might also be a common allergy and it is important to be diagnosed by a doctor before assuming its Scabies.  Right diagnosis is necessary if you want to get rid of the symptoms as soon as possible.

The symptoms of Scabies are often seen on the chest, arms, on the back or genitals. The tracks or burrow of the Scabies kites look similar to bites of a mosquito. But they are accompanied by intense itching that gets worse in the night and warm weather.

The Scabies mites are often found in the hands, feet, armpits and buttocks. It must be mentioned here that the symptoms of Hives and Pityriasisrosea also resemble those of Scabies in the early stages.

The line of treatment for Scabies cannot concentrate on usage of antihistamines only. Focus should be laid on getting the body and the immediate environment rid of the mites.

The biggest scare in a Scabies infection is the chances of a re-infestation. So, always go for a product that has no long-term side effects and is successful in eradicating the infection forever, like Dr. Scabies

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